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    Relativistic Perturbation Mantle

    Ronald Patrick Marriott

    "I believe Mantle's are the missing link in the Earths physiology and the tie between Man Metaphysics and the Dimensional world."
    Ronald Patrick Marriott.

    Mantles are a self contained Antimatter sphere wrapped in Liquid Oxygen and Carbon. They are made by Lightning and constructed of Liquid Oxygen that feeds thru Carbon to the Antimatter.
    Mantle is a 12 foot diameter sphere, 2 dimensional in appearance. Mantle holds 650 lbs. of highly charged paramagnetic Liquid Oxygen in a two foot wide ring surrounding a 4' sphere of antimatter, these are held together with rings of carbon. It stays in our dimension for a few minutes while displaying holographic tendencies similar to ball lightning, until Mantle reaches maximum vibration of anti-matter and disappears into another dimension. After Mantle loses energy it returns from that dimensional world above storms falling apart discharging its contents producing what NASA has named a Sprite. (please see art)
    LOx,C, antimatter creating Air Water Fire and Earth.
    (Liquid Oxygen=air & water + Carbon= earth + Antimatter=fire) and now Aether

    There are electrical fields/antiparticles/molecules that are made up to make Mantles, in this combination and configuration Mantles produce light or new high energy photons in our dimensional world.

    When Mantle is first made, they store Carbon, Liquid Oxygen in rings around the center sphere of Antimatter, this combination allows them to produce high energy Photons. After their birth from lightning, they stay in our dimension producing High energy Photons that are in our experience, then when the antimatter affects the other lower vibrational objects (oxygen and carbon) it reaches a higher vibration/energy level, they leave our visual plane/ dimension.
    Before they return to release their contents above storms, Mantles sit in that "other dimension" producing High energy photons in another "Dimension" or "Wave world" making that world alive for our brains programmed photons to connect with and travel in.

    This is a proven fact that is expressed by such people as David Wilcock, Gregg Braden and others that said "there is a measurable increase in photons when an individual used there mental abilities to travel outside their bodies to see thru time, dimensions to read or invade another aspect of our world where their measuring devices were set up to record this".

    I believe that Mantles help by supplying an environment for this to happen. Meditation and dreaming at night are all supported in this manor. Programmed photons leave your brain directed by your consciousness and travel thru or in "wave world" where Mantles are producing new clean high energy photons, this allows the passing of our programmed photons to connect. Further studies in wave formation mostly "Helical Waves" are evidence that Photons travel in a rebounding motion in the Helical wave. After Mantles enter the dimensional world they stay until they return falling apart above storms rejuvenating our atmosphere and Ionosphere and adding to our dimensional environment with Antimatter.

    Mantle dumping of Liquid Oxygen in such large quantities when earth was cooling, made the plants and Dinosaurs larger.
    Its responsible for most of our Atmospheric Ionospheric and now Dimensional worlds including making it possible for our brains to function in the Aether. This is achieved by producing High energy Photons in another dimension creating the necessary environment for that to take place. Dream a little dream and watch it become reality.
    Ever wonder how that worked?

    *Quantum Physics* The Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist - YouTube

    "I b

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    Really not sure if I should laugh or cry about this.

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