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Thread: Supplement to Rick Thielens theory on big bang,black holes&gravity

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    Supplement to Rick Thielenís theory on black holes, big bang, and gravity---------------------------
    In the original article I mentioned how the fabric of space was not thoroughly understood by myself or anyone else. I failed to mention in the article that it is possible that there could be an alternate reality with dimensions similar to our own. It could be a possibility that there is another expanse the size of our universe in an alternate reality. Itís also a possibility that realities are defined by frequency. The alternate reality could have a frequency just under our own. Similar to radio frequency, if the alternate universe had a mass the size of our universe; nothing could exist in that universe except that mass. In other words, two automobiles could not occupy the same space. If they did we all know what would happen. But if you could alter the frequency of one of them there would not be a problem. Itís a possibility the mass that I mentioned in an alternate reality, could, if it had an altered frequency have an effect on an adjacent reality. If that mass was able to show its presence in our universe, but not to its full potential it would have an effect on all mater in a way I described in the original article. Itís also a possibility there could be an alternate reality with a frequency above ours. I often thought that our own sun required regulation. A way to do that according to my theory would be to place the sun partially in this reality and the remainder in the adjacent reality. As the sun looses energy its frequency can be altered so the amount of energy from the sun would remain at a constant. I also thought that the same theory that applies to the sun can also apply to the stars. I do know that our planet is bombarded with electromagnetic energy or information from the electromagnetic spectrum. This information in the form of light may be essential for life on our planet and may be regulated the same as our sun. Most of us are amazed at the size of our universe. Its mind boggling, but we compare our universe to things that we have learned in our lives. To us our universe is unbelievably enormous but, what we use as a reference to decide what is small or big may be logical to us and may not be accurate. The direction up to someone in North America is down to someone in China. I often thought our universe when compared to anything in it is the largest thing in existence. But what if we were viewed the way we view matter on a subatomic level!

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    What a pile of pointless drivel.

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