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Thread: HI everyone. I have this odd thing with protein synthesis that i want you to verify.

  1. #1 HI everyone. I have this odd thing with protein synthesis that i want you to verify. 
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    Yeah its a little odd, but hopefully someone understands what I see it in it.number1.jpg

    I'll explain it a little better so that you guys can understand what I'm referring to. I put this thread in the biology thread so people who know it will have an easier understanding of it.

    Compare the two pictures of protein synthesis and the world map. You'll see that they've been encoded to resemble each other. Makes sense doesn't it? All we eat is meat on this planet and protein is the name of the game. So why not some sort of connection between the planet and it?

    I'll start now.

    Saudi Arabia, India, and Siam(southeast asia) form a link of 3 "sub land masses". You'll note they are within range of each other and also have similar lattitudes. Now compare it to an M-RNA strand and the 3 codon triplets they contain. The M-RNA is somewhat straight and the 3 land masses are in a similar somewhat straight line with each other(a little off and messed up, just like the the twisting of M-RNA, but still linear). The uniqueness of the three sub land masses are that there are ONLY 3 of them in this fashion, representing the 3 codon triplets that make up an amino acid.

    Now look at Africa and Madagascar. T-RNA carries the amino acid to the M-RNA. If you see the significance of how Madagascar is only closest to Africa and there are no other land masses near it, then you can see my next argument. Africa would be the T-RNA in this case and Madagascar would be the amino acid that it carries. This shows the T-RNA and amino acid link during protein synthesis. Now also remember that T-RNA is tertiary structure and is folded up onto itself. Would you not say that Africa looks globular-like just the same as a tertiary structure?

    Now with the Ribosome during PS. Of course this whole amino acid polypeptide linking occurs withing a Ribsome. A Ribosome is also a messy blob structure. If you seperate the three sub land masses from the rest of the huge land mass that is Europe and Asia, it shows how this huge land mass can signify the "Ribosome" part of protein synthesis.

    Basically, that's it. Really strange, but I feel that all the parts are there. If you want the part where the DNA unravels to form RNA, take a look at the Malaysian penninsula and Sumatra. You got 2 strands right there. One is like the DNA side where its still attached to land(the Malaysian one) and the other that seperates and goes away (Sumatra).

    I just took some Biology lessons and noticed this one day. I can't help but notice that all the parts are there.

    edit: oh the uploaded picture didn't turn out that well. here's my other link:

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    I don't see the resemblance, and don't think it belongs in biology.

    Do you know about the theory of plate tectonics? All the earth's land mass used to be in one supercontinent called Pangaea. What did the T-RNA look like then?

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    What HArold14370 said, plus you say "All we eat is meat on this planet". Perhaps a small number of top predators and quite a few humans do this, but not the bulk of the biomass on the planet. Meat doesn't even constitute the majority of human diet.

    All you have done is to illustrate the interesting human ability to see patterns almost anywhere.
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    Someone could write a paper, "Novel applications of pareidolia".
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