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Thread: Evidence for the presence of Extraterrestrial life?

  1. #1 Evidence for the presence of Extraterrestrial life? 
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    I don't know much of the details because I've only recently read about the two. Upon Googling Kepler 22b, the recently announced discovery of a planet that is suspected be able to capable of sustaining life, I found some other things other than the news itself...…

    ".... Ancient Advanced cultures of the past were aware of cosmic rays emanating from Cygnus, and for their being the spark which ignited evolution - the same spark which continues to alter our DNA right through to the present day. " -…

    This is a description of a video I found on YouTube, dating back to it's upload date of March, 2011 (production may be longer than that, but I can't be bothered to even watch it).

    Kepler 22b also lies in the constellation of Cygnus. May there be perhaps a connection between the two? What are your opinions?

    EDIT: Just interesting stuff,

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    From your first link: " speculation will be rampant that this new planet might well be not only habitable, perhaps even inhabited - especially during funding talks."

    This is an important discovery, but it is being overhyped. It is absolutely not evidence of extra-terrestrial life. It is merely evidence of a possible location for such life, if such life exists.

    as to the claim from your second link: "".... Ancient Advanced cultures of the past were aware of cosmic rays emanating from Cygnus, and for their being the spark which ignited evolution - the same spark which continues to alter our DNA right through to the present day. " - This is nonsense. There is no meaningful evidence to support any part of this contention. It is wrong on so many levels it not only can be ignored, it should be ignored.

    So, to answer your final question, the only link between the two is that reports on both are written in English.

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    Someone should do a little more study into early civilizations before calling things nonsense. It has been a general consensus among many archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians that several cultures had many stories concerning the Cygnus Constellation, including Greek, Roman, Norsemen, Olmec, Mayan, Egyptians, and some much older, just look up "Gobekli Tepe" and "Karahan Tepe", almost 12,000 years old. Yet they somehow knew of the cosmic rays and all had gods named after the stars in this constellation.
    This discovery of a new planet that may hold life will be the first of countless. Also recently micro-organisms have been found in meteorites from arctic regions. One in particular finding bacteria-like structures in meteorite fragment ALH84001.
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    You have to be very, very forgiving of incomplete evidence to draw those conclusions. There are certain people who want to sell lots of books who cherry pick evidence to support specific conclusions, like primitive peoples being aware of astronomical phenomena. The 'bacteria' in the meteorite you describe were merely microstructures that were superficially similar to bacteria. The consensus of scientific opinion is that were formed by abiotic processes like crystal formation.
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    Ah, yes, the old greed factor, it will get even the best of us. I concur. This has been the downfall of quite a bit of good scientists and the quest for progress. Look what happened to one of my most favored idols, Dr. Nikola Tesla!

    It seems as though this has happened alot lately, distorting evidence, and others jumping on "the band wagon" for fame and fortune. I should hope this is not the case. I wonder, any law against this behavior? if not there should be!
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