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Thread: the deep-pond solar-electric generator?

  1. #1 the deep-pond solar-electric generator? 
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    In this system, inspired by a dream, sunlight streaming down through a deep pond generates electric current. If interested, this was the dream: A man is standing on the ground at the end of a tunnel of three sides and the fourth side is the bare earth. An eye is at the other end of the tunnel, on the eastern end. At ground level on the right from the eye's point of view, there is a similar tunnel but small and not high and comming from the side of the big tunnel. The first tunnel about six foot and the small branch one foot high maybe or higher.
    The man's right arm touches the top of the tunnel, and he appears to be leaning on it. There is the possibility of other branches from the side?

    The invention?: is a pond with tea in it. The square pond higher than wider, has silver on one side and aluminium on the other face opposite. A current through a wire passes from one plate to the other. Light al alloy, heavy silver-tin alloy.

    The weaker the tea or other suspension in the water, the higher the pond and the greater the electric current generated.

    Also, using laser light would probably help. Polarized.

    I am seeking supporters for a qualitative basis of science, not quantative. Quality: precision,shape, color, pitch. Quantity: power,size,brightness,volume. A quality can be found as a ratio of quantities. Mass is a quality.
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    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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    Well I understand Comet/black hole/brown dwarf/spaceship Elenin is passing by soon. Maybe you can hitch a ride.

    Don't forget your towel!!
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