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Thread: the 95% fuel-saver jet engine

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    The idea as originally conceived was best, in this alteration, the combustion chamber is a large box half-filled with fuel. This fuel burns off creating pressure in the box. The box is double-walled with a vacuum between the walls.
    Now only as much volume of air enters the box as leaves the box. And the air is pulled through not pushed in.

    So the entry and exit holes are virtually the same diameter although the entry CSA could be smaller.

    So the centrifugal action pushes air to the large CSA of the inlet to the CC. At the same diameter of centrifuge the small CSA jet pushes the disk around.

    Now a tiny bit of fuel is sprayed into the inlet passage after the wheel has built up to a large speed.

    The 95% saving is then in keeping the pressure in the CC high by a small addition of fuel and by heat insulation of the CC. The machine is only doing work on the vanes that pump (pull) air around.

    The plate-thruster system should be only one plate nearer the front plate and farther from the rear. This should develop enough thrust if enough air through fast enough? Or, other single plates separated from each other. We saw the thrust is developed because of lower pressure through the close-spaced plates and higher behind where the plates are further apart. So the middle plate is the moving-rotating plate.

    So the tiny jet pushing the disk around is at a higher diameter mechanical advantage over the maximum radius of the vane plates.
    There is the vanes for the inlet to the CC and one vane for one moving (sandwhiched) plate for thrust -- and another vane if another three plates is necessary and so on.

    I hope I have described the system well.
    Of course the CC has to be filled with fuel for every new engine start, and aerated.
    I am no expert, but I am hoping this system will be seriously considered -- is 95% fuel saving actually possible?

    A thermos flask or vacuum flask is a possible option?

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