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Thread: The most-efficient wind generator?

  1. #1 The most-efficient wind generator? 
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    Imagine a cone deep inside a cylinder, and then see blades from the base of the cone to the cylinder. Now this draws in the full wind area, and so maximum efficiency now only depends on the blade design.
    As an exercise in communication i will attempt to describe the design that came to me this morning:
    Okay there is a vertical vane used to turn the cone into the wind, so its surface area has to be at least the same and it balances far from the pole support, unlike the heavier cone assembly.
    The axle rotates even to the vertical vane.
    A sleeve around the axle has a pin that goes into the top of the stationary pole. From the sleeve an arm extends to the vane to keep that upright on its sleeves.
    So just behind the cone is the ring gear that turns another pole just below it. This ole can rotate all around the stationary pole. A ring gear around the stationary pole at the base double bevelled can take power to an electric generator. Yadda yadda yadda.
    The point is, I think the cone-cylinder design is the best-possible way of wind-power generation -- true?

    I am seeking supporters for a qualitative basis of science, not quantative. Quality: precision,shape, color, pitch. Quantity: power,size,brightness,volume. A quality can be found as a ratio of quantities. Mass is a quality.
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    Enclosing a turbine in a cylindrical housing with an eased inlet and a diffuser outlet would probably increase efficiency slightly. It is rather difficult to build and support such a thing for a 77 meter diameter turbine on top of an 80 meter high tower though.

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