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Thread: Solar spots, gaseous star model and absurdities of modern science

  1. #1 Solar spots, gaseous star model and absurdities of modern science 
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    Solar spots, gaseous star model and absurdities of modern science

    Present text is a continuation of some researches made twenty years ago related to a new theory of gravitation based on fluid mechanics.
    In present text some paradoxes of actual sciences are analysed and a new explanation is proposed.
    Strange enough for actual science, the presence of an increased number of solar spots, with a lower temperature than photosphere temperature leads to an increased luminosity of the Sun. No credible explanation is offered by actual orthodox science.
    The generation of huge local magnetic fields on the Sun, prior to the effective solar spot apparition, is a well known fact, again without a credible explanation coming from orthodox science.
    The drift of solar spots from high latitudes toward lower latitude and the inversion of magnetic solar spots polarity are analysed and a new explanation is proposed.
    Even solar spots have nothing to do with electricity and magnetism, the new formulated explanation is based on a new principle of magneticity: A neutral electric liquid in a rotational motion, in certain conditions, creates a macroscopic magnetic field. A neutral electric solid in rotational motion in rotation creates, in certain conditions, a smaller macroscopic magnetic field then a liquid. An ionised or non ionised gas, in rotational motion does not create a macroscopic magnetic field.
    As consequence, the actual model of a gaseous star is ruled out, and a liquid model is proposed instead. The new explanation rule out the inversion of total Sun magnetic field every 11 years, as actual orthodox science accept. If locally there is an inversion of polarity magnetic field attached to solar spots, this does not mean the whole magnetic field of Sun changes orientation. Of course, with so many satellites in orbits some simple experiments can be performed to check this fact. I doubt that orthodox scientists will take into consideration such idea. They are busy to argue about the priority of who discovered first solar spot or to discover the first inversion of magnetic polarity for solar spots. And they call these advanced researches!
    The link:
    Activitatea petelor solare

    Some links on the site are unavailable due to an informatic attack. Though, the links toward temporal aberration and toward magnetic field of celestial body are reactivated.

    In fact, I have to draw the attention that a lot of paradoxes of actual sciences were resolved long time ago. As example, the huge contrast between temperature of solar corona (1,5 milions Kelvin) and temperature of photosphere ( 6000 Kelvin) has a very simple and intuitive explanations. The formation of comets tails or the acceleration of particles in cometary’s tails can be explained based on fluid mechanics too and so on ......
    Best regards,
    Sorin Cosofret

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    God bless the mods for moving this to the proper forum.

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