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Thread: quantum entanglement and you and the universe

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    the figures below are round estimates based onn real numbers.

    There are up to 100 trillion cells meaning there are 7 nonillion ( yes thats the actual name they gave it) Atoms in the human body with a strong and weak nuclear force signalling one million times a second.

    there are 7 nonillion atoms in the human body, each atoms strong and weak nuclear forse electrically signals (produces elctrons) one million times a second. Quantum entanglement is 10 thousand times the speed of light so the signal from those electrons travels 29,979,245,800,000 metres per second, roughly 30 trillion meters per second.18,641,135,767,110 miles.

    ‎5,865,696,000,000 miles in a light year so every second the signals from your body are travelling over 3 light years via quantum entanglement.

    Thats 94,608.000 light years per year
    multiplied by your lifespan. I am 42 so its almost 4 trillion light years.

    our bodies do produce biophotons as well.

    entanglement was established in the plasmic state of the universe right after the big bang. where all matter was super heated beyong the ability to form atoms.

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