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    (Patent of Russian Federation №2111660)

    The author of researches and the owner of the patent: Dr. Valentine Dolzhenko.
    125057, Chapaevsky lane, 4, Polyclinic № 71, the Department of the City of Moscow, Russia.
    Phone: 89096380353

    It is known, that an infinite variety of organisms survived and prospered during many billions years in absence of modern ways of diagnostics and treatment of illnesses. Moreover, this process is not needed earlier in the justification of conservation nature in isolation from development, or on the contrary, according to the laws, which were then invented in science for distortion of reality.

    And because:
    - In three separated laws of philosophy cannot be and really there is no concrete formulation about development of the nature;
    - And about its preservation cannot be and really there is no concrete formulation in three separated laws, introductions or the beginnings of all beginnings of thermodynamics;
    - Also as well as in three laws of dynamics;
    Modern representation about life assimilates to earlier outlook, in conformity with which the world stood on three whales, three elephants and a turtle!

    Time has shown that we cannot get rid separately from parasitic, bacterial, viral, immune, allergic, nervous, mental, cardiovascular, oncology, endocrine, etc. disease. The attempt undertaken by a science with the purpose of prevention of individual variants of pathology in the environment of their immense variety has inevitably generated impracticable for financing the branched out structure of scientific institutes.

    Work here is professionals, and in particular:
    cardiologists, TB doctors, opticians, pulmonologists, helminthological, pathologists, transplant, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, physiologists, pathophysiology, trauma, hematologists, immunologists, endocrinologists, bacteriology, virology, neurosurgeons, dentists, obstetricians, biochemists, biophysics, pharmacists, astrologers, psychologists, geneticists, otolaryngologists, and so on.
    In particular, for the penultimate seems to lack only a few nanometers, with the purpose to deepen into the structure of chromosomes, genes, its molecules and atoms, to understand the cause of the problem.

    So, for example, difficultly found out changes to structure of DNA and genes, as a rule, are expressed in ugliness resistant to treatment at organisms that is accessible to diagnostics and with open eyes. The given fact testifies that the modern genetics cannot provide diagnostics and the control of set of changeable or transitive levels of viability over absence of obvious attributes of a pathology though she and tries to carry out it with an anticipation and persistence by means of antiscientific lie and the advertising gimmicks intended with the purpose of expiation of unjustified hopes and wasted of billions.
    As an example, we shall consider pregnancy at healthy rats, in a condition of a half-starved albuminous diet which accompanies at children: a dystrophy, caries of a teeth (at their occurrence), irreversible changes with anomaly in bodies and fabrics and reduction of concentration in cells of DNA not without change of its structure. Having lost the way among two birches, in the form of puryny and pyrymydyn the bases: adenyn - guanyn and tymyn - uracyl, genetics exaggerate value of DNA in an organism together with own applicability in a science and a practice. Consequence of it became below mentioned a reality perverted to the detriment of health of animals and people.
    In anxiety concerning what ugliness will be born in following generation,
    We distinctly realize similar to researchers in the field of genetics an outstanding role of surgeons in reproduction of cardio-defects, a harelip, blindness, absence in the newborn organism from intestines of the external aperture and so it is infinite.
    In the field of experimental oncology it was possible to be convinced that to researchers sometimes is possible to get rid of cancer cells and from a tumor how to get rid of the signal light bulb by means of a hammer, but not from the reason which have generated illness, its{her} inevitable return after treatment and death of an organism.

    As a result, the treatment of many diseases listed: cut up, poisoned by the chemistry and thoroughly irradiated patients who will inevitably come to my colleague - to the therapist, who in the process of learning, for the mind boundless polygamy above-mentioned objects, knows a little bit of everything, but nothing concrete.

    In connection with absence of the criterion necessary for differential diagnostics and the control of viability of organisms, against the background of a wide range of hereditary, congenital and acquired diseases that threaten the extinction of mankind the animal industries and public health services undergo huge losses, and therefore unable to restore the lost vitality of historically:
    - Not at the expense of additional finance and resources expended for this purpose;
    - Not through the use of a huge army of specialists and many other scientific institutions, vainly trying to cover an infinite variety of individual diseases;
    - Not by using a set of laws listed above.
    In order to identify features in the metabolism of healthy and diseased organisms, as an extremely weakened condition of the latter was adopted by the spontaneous and chemical
    carcinogen-induced cancer, hereditary predisposition, and other diseases. In the experiments, were used: laboratory and wild mice, rats and more 20 species mammals at the zoo, as well as people of different ages, gender, and sportsman.

    In line with the target set in the process of studying mammalian, experimentally found, the criterion of health according to which operates: natural selection and a reproduction of viable organisms, and also an interdiction and realization of infinite variants of pathology.
    This criterion allows carrying out the control of parental levels of viability prior to conception offspring and opens a new era in prevention of illnesses at people and animals during their reproduction.
    The standoff, which was revealed when comparing the levels, i.e. parameters of speed of a nitrogenous (albuminous) metabolism in healthy and sick organisms, was, is accepted as a criterion for viability.
    It is shown that the low level of metabolism will enable the manifestation of various diseases in the weak organisms. On the other hand, the high level of metabolism in viable organisms - prohibits the implementation of any pathology. Showing, offspring inherit parental levels of metabolism. Prevailing influence of female levels on posterity is caused by pregnancy and intra-uterine development of a fruit.
    By studying the levels of metabolism in paddlers, swimmers and wrestlers, to the surprise of trainers, easy to identify the confrontation of individual performance sport.
    Also revealed that historically people have lost their high level of a metabolism and, therefore, it needs to rebuild. As a result, we have to endure: and the inevitable growth of a wide range of diseases and the probability of extinction of humanity.

    Study have shown, that accepted as criterion of viability levels of energy, a matter, exchange interaction or a metabolism possess the contradictory nature of affiliation. They express an infinite variety of forms of movement, or attributes of life.

    In particular, inconsistent character of levels belongs:

    - opposite sexes – male and female;
    - selection and reproduction – qualitative and quantitative;
    - onto- and phylogenesis - temporal and spatial;
    - species and individual – universal and particular;
    - synthesis and destruction – anabolic and catabolic;
    - quiescence and motion – potential and kinetic;
    - health and disease - regular and pathological;
    - etc.

    For example, qualitative selection of the most viable organisms, that have high metabolism levels and proper fertileness, makes for preservation of a kind , i.e. quantitative reproduction of descendants. In its turn quantitative reproduction of descendants causes perfection of species, i.e. qualitative selection of the most viable organisms according to the high metabolism level. In a similar way realize ontogenesis and phylogenesis where spatial or intrauterine level of fetus cause the temporal, i. e. level of a metabolism of an adult organism, after a birth, and on the contrary. The same way displays the for self-motion’s inherent correlation between kind and individ (individial), potential and kinetic, destruction and synthesis, i. e. negation and affirmation etc.

    This means that in nature no other manifestation, except contradictory levels of interaction, that is, forms of movement!
    Valentine Dolzhenko.

    It means that the nature cannot undergo development without preservation, as well as preservation without development at any level of the organization. In it testify: the levels of a metabolism belonging the concrete form of organisms. They express interconditionality between a quantitative constancy of organisms and their qualitative variability directed aside of perfection. It is connection between a cause and effect, inherent for opposite forms of movement, and, in particular, between preservation and development of the nature.

    Certainly, do not exist, the friend without the friend: space and time, general and particular, potential and kinetic, negation and affirmation, discrete and continuous, finite and infinite, centrifugal and centripetal, ideal and real, conservation and development etc.

    As it is possible to see, in preservation and development of the nature there is nothing especial in relation to set of other forms of movement, except for the perverted reality in philosophy.

    Owing to misunderstanding mutual conditionality of things, philosophers by means of fiction have erected preservation and development of the nature above a variety integrated, equal in rights and in value of opposite forms of movement. This circumstance of things promoted occurrence of the "basic" question in philosophy " about the superiority: an ideal above a reality and, on the contrary ". Incorrectly formulated question not only has perverted interrelation of an ideal and a reality in knowledge, but also has generated one-sided {one-sidedly}-ugly and consequently irreconcilable idealists and materialists.

    It is well known the energy transformation from one kind into another, but she has gradually decaying character. Absence of representation about contradictory nature of the energy levels of energy complicates a substantiation of its constancy in the Universe. So, for example, except the ascertaining of the well-known fact of conservation there is no scientific answer to a question about why the energy (motion) conserves.

    Coming back to a problem of our survival and development in unity of organisms of an environment, it will be pertinently mentioned arisen virus epidemic at sheep’s and furiousness at cows on the Native land of cloning of mammals. In the same place, researchers have undertaken search of a nonexistent gene in the nature which would supervise health or longevity irrespective of a full set of chromosomes.

    By the way, that the cloning of organisms similar to us dystrophies on an example of brothers smaller, excluding qualitative selection, and together with it variability of biological forms necessary for perfection, was inevitably expressed in loss of their ability to a survival will be mentioned also. In particular, the cloning was aggravated with occurrence of a congenital arthritis in sheep’s, and a birth of the person - the ugly creature.

    The prevailing part of sheep’s has been destroyed in connection with virus epidemic as on a fire has burned down together with wool of 10 million sheep’s. As a result, the incorporated Kingdom of the Great Britain has lost 12 billion pounds sterling, besides is absolute without a guarantee to exclude relapse of epidemic. Financial losses will reach billions if to consider natural occurrence in the same state of a spongy encephalopathy, i.e. furiousness at the cows, amazed in the world a leukemia of herd and destroyed owing to a flu very much a plenty of birds which also are intended for a meal of people not without damage to their health.

    Disclosing of secret of natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms has specified interrelation between preservation and development of the nature, and in particular, between a quantitative constancy of individuals and the qualitative variability directed aside their perfection. The established Law of unity of material transitions or the Law of indissolubility of attributes of life radically changes representation about development and preservation of the nature which by mistake, i.e. in absence of substantiation have been erected by a science in a rank separated from each other and consequently laws perverting a reality.
    I propose to create INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF PREVENTION OF ILLNESSES IN THE OFFSPRING, because control of viability, it is an inevitable necessity for survival and further development of mankind in the unity of organisms of the environment.

    Results of the present {true} researches can be used also:

    - in a reproduction of new breeds and kinds of animals;
    - in epidemiology;
    - in the sanitary control of animals intended for the food industry;
    - in selection of methods of treatment and their forecasting;
    - in perfection of criteria of viability;
    - in army;
    - in sports;
    - in protection of motherhood and the childhood;
    - the contradictory nature of the energy levels comprises the justification of constancy of energy in the universe and also provides the probability of the scientific search for new forms of energy.

    ================================================== =

    Next, please read the article:


    To get acquainted with the material presented: over 80 found objects, 270 photos, depicting the products that made the man, as well as petrified during lifetime the remains of people, dinosaurs, other animals and plants.
    Perhaps this is only part of the museum, which was established in the vicinity of Moscow, at different periods of the long-standing era of the dinosaurs on Earth. Accordingly, scientific dating, this period lasted for 150 million years, from 220 until its end 65 million years ago.
    Found a method of identifying products that were manufactured in a civilized era of dinosaurs. Atlantis, this is Europe, which was flooded and remained at the bottom of the ocean, from 150 to 95 million years ago. No need to search for it on the ocean floor near Spain, Egypt, Greenland and Italy. However, at the bottom of the ocean, some subjects less prone to destruction by man.

    Here are photos:

    It can be read in the article:



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    Today, researchers are trying in vain to create a telescope with a diameter of 100 meters, but has a spherical mirror, which is much worse than the parabolic. This is because they do not know of a natural phenomenon of a parabola. This is not an idea, theory or hypothesis but an established fact! Stupid ideas let Patent followers of Einstein, who patented the infinitely distant from the practice of theory.

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