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Thread: Attiyah's Cosmology and Attiyah's Law

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    Attiyah's Cosmology and Attiyah's Law

    1- All galaxies show a spectrum shift.
    2- The galactic spectrum shift is due largely to the gravitational shift, and slightly to Doppler shift.
    3- The galactic Doppler shift is not due to the travel of the galaxies but it is due due to their rotation.
    4- The redshift-showing galaxies are condensing and rotating away from the Earth.
    5- The blueshift-showing galaxies are expanding and rotating Earthward.
    6- The mass compactness of any galaxy is inversely proportional to the frequency of its spectrum.
    I call the last statement (#6) as "Attiyah's cosmological law". This law replaces the so-called Hubble's law. Analogously, Attiyah's cosmological law" could be stated another way: "The mass compactness of any galaxy is proportional to the wavelength of its spectrum."

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