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Thread: Pendulum eases pumping of water

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    Veljko Milkovic demonstrates a new design of his hand water pump with a pendulum where it is possible to use a little finger for pumping.

    Hand water pump with a pendulum is very simple solution for pumping water. It provides alleviation of work, because it is enough to move the pendulum occasionally with a little finger to pump the water, instead of large swings. Work is alleviated because easier, long-lasting and effortless use of the hand water pump has been enabled.
    Input energy for starting the process of pumping, in form of occasional pushing of the pendulum, is much less than with typical hand pumps.
    The advantage of this invention compared to present hand pump solutions are: less force to start the pump, less water consumption, both arms can be used to fetch the water.

    To get the water running out of the pump, the pendulum needs to be out of balance. After that, based on gravitational potential, the piston starts oscillating and the continuous stream of water is coming out of the output pipe. The pendulum should be occasionally pushed, to maintain the amplitude i.e. the stream of water.

    Using the minimum of human strength in comparison to present classic hand water pumps enables efficient application in irrigation of smaller lots, for water-wells and extinguishing fires even by old people and children, which was proved by a large number of interested future consumers during the presentations.




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    You seem to post primarily to popularize the work of Veljko Milkovic. That's not okay. Engage with us. Discuss things with us. Or go away.


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