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    I do not present these words as facts as I believe there is no such thing as facts.
    This is just me being philosophic and in my search for truth I present my FV (Force & Violence) theory which most certainly has been proved or described in some way or manner before me. However for my own constructive purposes i present to you this and you may decline or agree. I once again proclaim these sentences as purely philosophic not scientific.

    The fundamental forces of nature.

    (The FV theory)

    In nature force or violence wherever you find it is the mere collision or opposition of two opposing or equivalent pools of duality.
    As long as these pools continue to oppose or collide by the means of friction and gravity (Gravity - Weak, Electromagnetic - Strong) which in themselves are forces created by the dualism of 1 and 0 (something and nothing). these forces and any forces created by them including matter, antimatter, waves, energy and life (here life is viewed as a force of nature just as matter) will exist and persist. in other words the fractal which we perceive as the universe or reality.


    This is only a theory in development if you think this theory could be developed further please enlighten me.
    What i'm trying to describe here among many other things is that matter is an outcome of forces just as anything we can perceive. only forces acting upon forces.

    "Everything in nature depends on everything else" - Alan Watts

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