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    The Triwidh Chikitsa which is synonymous for three treatments with ayurveda medicine is made up of procedures such as Devvyaprashay chikitsa, Yuktivyaprashaya chikitsa and Satvavajya chikitsa in the first category of the treatment. The second category is constituted of, Antah- parimarjan, Bahir-parimarjan and Shastra-parimarjan. The third part is that of Langhan, Langhan pachan and Doshavesechan (sanshodhan).

    Under the Devvyaprashay chikitsa, a psychological approach is given to the treatment like chanting holy hymns or mantras, allowing certain gems and stones to react on the body. Pilgrim is also considered to be part of the treatment as the spiritual journey forms a crucial part of the healing. The medicinal prescription for psychological disorders is prescribed in Yuktivyaprashaya chikitsa. The patient is helped to draw his attention from the factors and problems that are cause for the disorder. This process of helping the patient to divert the concentration is known as Satvavajya chikitsa.

    The Antah- parimarjan, Bahir-parimarjan and Shastra-parimarjan form part of the second category. While internal administration of medicine is known as Antah- parimarjan, the external application and other methods are grouped under Bahir-parimarjan. When surgery is suggested for the treatment then it is Shastra-parimarjan.

    The third category is about Langhan, where Doshas are not tampered with owing to patient's weak condition. Langhan pachan is when medicines are given for doshas to be digested. Thedoshas are vitiated in Doshavesechan (sanshodhan).Thus the Triwidh Chikitsa in Ayurvedic treatments in India which adopts various techniques for the curing and healing of the illness at the psychic level.

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