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Thread: A dialog on gravity

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    So there's probably some information that I'm missing, but from my studies I've gathered the following:

    0-something is up with gravity. It's the inherent attraction of masses to each other, but is orders of magnitude weaker than the other 3 'fundamental forces'
    1-the standard model is unable to identify why objects have mass. The suspicion is the "Higgs Boson", which has yet to be confirmed
    2-the graviton is calculated to exist since gravity is a fundamental particle, but this has yet to be experimentally confirmed too
    3-the theory of relativity explains gravity wells
    4-gravity can bend light which is not reliant on the mass thereof, and the standard model cannot explain that - I need confirmation on this...

    Anyways, my point is that several possibilities exist:

    Currently Accepted theory: Gravity is a fundamental force, but the existence of alternate dimensions severely diminishes its power
    String-theory addition:The strings of gravity are not attached to our brane so it floats aimlessly around the other dimensions

    However, it continues to seem suspect for reasons 0-4 above. Is it possible that gravity is not a fundamental force, but an observation as made by the existence of gravity wells into which matter falls, and that the concentration should be on what causes some particles to bend space time (quarks, electrons) and others not ( bosons), and that there are only 3 fundamental forces, and gravity is just an illusion like centrifugal force, and that might lead to a more conclusive explanation? It would explain:

    1-why gravity is so weak
    2-why 'gravitational lensing' occurs
    3-why inertial mass is equal to gravitational mass (pending the discovery above)
    4-why we haven't found the Higgs Boson or gravitron.

    Like I said, this is only a semi-informed perspective and I fully expect someone to tear me a new one.

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    Gravity does NOT bend light.

    1 The standard model contains many theroies. Theories make predictions that can be confirmed through observation. There is a prediction of the existance of the Higgs particle [s] whch has neither been proved or disproved yet

    2 "gravity is a fundamental particle" - no it's not it's a fundamental force

    3 What does this mean ?

    4 Gravity warps the space time around massive objects.
    Light follows straight paths through the curved soace time, these paths are known as godesics.

    Semi-informed? - you said it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tszy
    Semi-informed? - you said it !
    you didn't need to be rude, but you were. Every action has a consequence.

    Quote Originally Posted by tszy
    Light follows straight paths through the curved soace time, these paths are known as godesics.
    This soace time, is that like tomato soace time, or black pepper soace time? Can light really penetrate through such a soace?

    And what about these goddamn godesics? Are they anything like geodesics, only more spiritual?

    Semi-literate? No, you didn't say it.
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    Superseded. Kindly refer to posting, "Why is gravity all attraction".

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