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Thread: how the blood pump works trough artificial gravity

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    once i watched a documental in which they explained they couldnt use centrifugal pumps to pump blood since the accelerations destroyed the sensitive red cells

    what they explained in the documentla they did was build a special pump shape in the exact spiral shape such that though the red cells were propelled while they felt 0 g

    now i understand how they did it

    imagine you have a 2 m tube rotating an an w of 1 and you put a 1 kg red cell inside such as it starts on 1 m radius and ends propelled by centrifugal force with two m radius leaving the tube faster than it started

    seems here the red cell wont feel the normal aceleration

    the problem is it will feel a strong tangnetial acleration since it started with an speed of 1 when the radius was 1 m and an speed of 2 when the raidius is two m since the tube has a constant w of 1

    but the key was explained in the documental the blood pump shaped an spiral

    thats the trick instead of using a staright tube use an spiral tube in the exact shape in proportion with the w such that the tangential velocity is constant and therefore theres no tangential acceleration as theres neither normal one

    so the red cells are propelled by an artificial gravity identically as the natural gravity

    they acelerate in the spiral pump propelled by centrifugal force but as with natural gravity they actually feel on free fall at 0 g

    rarely they show educative things on tv instead of sex and violence

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    well just now as i was pretending to study the human flawed boring physics sponsored by petrol companies i was trully thinking of the true divine cosmic laws and i think i figured out why gravity decreases with the distance squared

    i have to prove that if two planets of mass 1x orbit each other at a distnce of 1y at an speed z for two other planets to orbit each other at same speed and double distance they need to have a mass of mass 4x, being double the distance the force will be four times smaller thing which needs to be balanced by 4 times more mass

    well lets suppose the inflationary model is true

    imagine you can get unchained from the universe paraspace-time so you can see the things as they really happen

    you are watching two planets orbiting each other

    you see them inflate they raidus at this rate:


    you see they are making an spiral orbit which radius grows at rate:


    and the mass of the planet, also its volume will grow at a rate:

    1-8-64... due to the cubic law

    of course for the person chained to the parauniverse he sees nothing inflating since he inflates as well, also he sees the actually spiral orbit as a circle

    but an inportant thing is that the person chained to the universe doesnt perceive any aceleration of the orbit

    instead for the observer unchained from the parauniverse he will see the orbit:

    the planet inflating, the orbit inflating, AND TIME OR SPEED ACCELERATING

    so time will go at a rate:

    second 1 of the unchained observer: 1 parasecond of the chained observer

    second 2 of the unchained observer: 0.5 parasecond of the chained observer

    second 3 of the unchained observer: 0.25 parasecond of the chained observer

    so here you can find the ratio by which gravity decreases with the distance squared

    i have to proof that for double distance of orbits and same speed mass have to be 4 times as big

    radius of planet: 1,2,4...
    raidus of orbit:1,2,4...
    mass of planet:1,8,64...
    relative time: 1,05,0.125...

    now make the time to be felt as non relative and voila mass cuadruples as distance doubles

    newton was wrong and the mistake only perdures due to the interest of trillonaire petrol companies

    he was an ignorant supertitious who could only explain things by misterious forces

    he failed to explain why in the top of a mountain gravity is weaker than in a hole when there should be the opposite for there being more mass underneth in a mountain than in a hole

    this is easily explained with the inflationary model due to the farther away the more open the spiral and the more bias towards the centrifugal gravity than the gravity caused by the ground accelrating up

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    Quote Originally Posted by luxtpm
    well just now as i was pretending to study the human flawed boring physics sponsored by petrol companies i was trully thinking of the true divine cosmic laws and i think i figured out why gravity decreases with the distance squared
    The rest is kind of hard to make sense of, but you should post this conspiracy theory of yours in pseudo. I have no doubt that oil companies go to a great deal of effort to make energy alternatives seem less credible than they really are, but I've never thought that they go to an effort to reinforce bad physics in general. Discussing it in pseudo would at least make for a good cure for boredom.

    As to your theory itself..... are you saying that you think space expands and this is the cause of gravity?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kojax
    are you saying that you think space expands and this is the cause of gravity?
    Isn't it the other way around?
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    the earth inflates thing we dont notice as we inflate at same rate

    but we do feel the ground acelerating up

    orbits are explaine by which to this kind of gravity opposes the centrifugal gravity which that documental insinuated on the blood pump

    i consider this universla theory of gravity widely known but supressed by allowing to use the centrifugal gravity like the blood pumps to obtain energy from space thing the trillionare almost all powerfull oil companies dont want

    i do believe in conservation of info and energy but probably space can be turn into energy
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    what i have to calculate to make this theory unfalsifiable is if the centrifugal gravity explained in the blood pump makes an spiral which radius grows at a rate:


    but this is supressed so i have no help

    shauberger with his vortices free energy machines

    i even saw a documnetal on tv in which they explained a guy had invented a free energy whirlwind machine which i suppose similar to the blood pump which got supressed for economic interests

    and must have been pretty old since the images were black and white
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    now this universal theory of gravitation is supressed cause it gives room to time travel

    and that cant be exposed in the stage

    i explained you that if an observer stops inflating and unchaines from the universe inflating pace:

    in the 1st second of the not inflating observer it will happen one second of the inflating observer

    in the 2nd second of the not inflating observer it will happen 0.5 second of the inflating observer

    in the 3rd second of the not inflating observer it will happen 0.125 second of the inflating observer

    is easy to see the non inflating observer will watch the inflating observer apparently freeze

    but imagine the non inflating observer not only stops inflation but reverses it for 3 seconds shrinking

    you can aplie zenos dichotomy to eternity

    in the first second of the shrinking observer it goes by one second of whats left of eternity for the inflating observer

    in the first second and a half of the shrinking observer it goes by 2 seconds of the inflating observer

    in the second 1.750 of the shrinking observer it will have passed by 4 seconds of the inflating observer

    in the second second of the shrinking observer it will have passed by eternity by the inflating observer

    in the third second i have no clue what happens

    but i kind of can see grafically:


    railways that go to infinity and beyond to return in perspective


    i know i messed up the thing of weather 1 second is equivalent to 2 paraseconds or 0.5 parasecond and viceversa

    but i just cant see it due to my dixlesia

    anyhow the proportions fit and match perfectly
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    a proof that the true universal theory is supressed and that even the ancients knew about it as they knew the earth is rounded is the odd design of the trebuchet:

    whats the point of adding to a catapult a cable with a complex release mechanism that often fails when you could just use a longer arm to obtain the same effect?

    well schauberger knew it, the designer of the free energy wirlwind mahine knew it, the ancients knew it , i know it and now so you do

    the trebuchet makes the projectile acquire an spiral trajectory

    in any spiral trajectory centrifugal gravity which happens naturally and that is demonstarted in the blood pump explanation aclerates objects away from the center of the trajectory, energy from the space

    the free energy schauberger machines were not the first, the trebuchet used this centrifugal gravity principle


    in fact with this theory i can tell how long does time feel to pass by when you time travel to yesterday:

    remember you shrink your self with an antigravity engine of any kind

    if we suppose each doubling of size takes one parasecond:

    first second of the time traveller- 1 second of the time fixed man

    first second and a half of the time traveller- tow seconds of the time fixed man

    first second and 7.5 tenths of the time traveller- 4 seconds of the fixed man

    two seconds of the time traveller- the end of eternity for the fixed man, time starts all over again

    now aply simetry like in the beyond infinity rails in perspective:

    and he will need another two seconds to apparently return to where he started, slightly less if he wants to go to yesterday

    so as it can be easily calculated by earth surface aceleration each doubling of size happens every 30 paraseconds and i supposed it happening every 1 parasecond obtaining almost 2 seconds for a whole timetrip:

    actually time trips take close to 120 paraseconds and you regulate destination by getting farther or closer from this time activating the shrinking antigravity engines less or more close to 120 paraseconds

    of course the remoter the destination the less precision not to mention you could get lost quintillions of millions of years away if theres an engine failure


    according this physics the trebuchet has a mechanical advantage while according the classics it cant work:

    angualr momentum:

    imagine the trebuchet goes from a radius of 10 m to a radius of 20 m thanks to the cable mechanism

    well according conservation of angualr momentum if you double the radius of an spinning object its linear speed halfs and therefore the kinetic energy divides by four

    therefore this trebuchet would lose 3 fourths of the potential energy of the propeeler weight


    a quick youtube search which proves claasic science sponsored by petrol companies

    and real science be kept hidden:
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    well i think i can figure out how magnetism works which makes this a theory of everything:

    magnets are two opposite poles

    in one pole particles are shot in an spiral caused by centrifugal expanding gravity eventually caught by inflating gravity and in the other pole the same but opposite sense

    which causes a trajectory like a looping yoyo

    the only force that exist in the magnet is each time a particle rebounds, the flip or vortice of the looping yoyo

    but like this colisions hit at 12 or six they nullify each other

    now what happens if you get close two north poles they hit at 6 and 6 repelling

    if you close two south poles?

    they hit at 12 and 12 repeelling again

    but if you mix the poles the combination of expansion and inflation makes the particles hit at 12 and six or six and twelve propelling the magnets together

    this makes inflation a supressed theory of everithing


    the nucleus of the magnetic particle must look much like an O and I overimposed that would allow for this magnetic effect

    also the week force is combination of expansion and inflation but acelerated to the cube while time would decelrate to the square

    the strong one instead would be an aceleration to the fourth while time decelerates to the cube

    i wonder if you can also go infinitly like this

    and could you go the reversed way around finding weaker forces than the sissy gravity?

    humm probably theres no way to known but maybe this universen is a lepton of a bigger universe there being even weaker forces


    i better no tell my dad that my mathematical model is:

    .... transfinity of transfintiy fo transfinity....

    you may think that the four forces are reduced into two actualy theres a single unique force and thats centrifugal force

    the particles of the planet going in an spiral is what makes the planet inflate as everthing inflate

    inflation is actually expansion

    theres only one force

    the force
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    hmmm.... I see... Is there a reason you are still trying this same old song and dance?
    Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools, because they have to say something.

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    its a mater of taking a fixed refence frame, theres nothing just a fixed frame

    this is frame 0

    from this frame make one grow in this manner:

    1,2 ,4..

    this is frame 1

    now from frame 0 make one srhink at rate
    1,2,4; 1 0.5 , 0.250, 0.125 if you raTHEr

    this is frame number -1

    take then frame 2
    with respect to zero frame it will grow:


    and with respect to frame 1 it will grow


    and so on till you get tired you keep taking positive and negative frames of reference

    the universe is just our perception expanding or the nothing srhinking if you rather and running from 0 to infinite

    just change to this multiframe and theres only the force

    the perception of nothing

    now if you put in a frame that is shrinking at rate:

    1, 0.5, 0.25...

    and you observe a frame that is expanding at rate:


    the time of the shrinking frame goes 1,2,4..

    while the time of the inflating observer frame goes 1.0.5, 0.25...

    you can kind of see that from two seconds of the shrinking frame eternity has happened in the inlfating frame, or viceversa, not sure but doesnt really matter

    and thats the cosmic law each frame is chain to a time

    if a frame grows time shrinks and viceversa

    keeping the relative rate of expansion global

    also this acomplish galileos relativity

    i can take any frame as 0

    from my frame bob is in frame 1 and alice is in frame 3

    for bob his frame will be 0 and alices 2

    and for alice his frame will be number 0 an static not inflating one and bob will be at frame -2

    actually you can obliterate a frame

    im in frame number 0

    i just have to send the undesired to frame number -2

    1 second of mine- 1 second of the undesired

    1.5 second of my frame- 2 seconds of the frame

    1.75 of my frame of reference- 4 seconds of the unwanted

    1.875 of the executioner frame- 8 seconds of the condemned one frame

    2 seconds of my frame- the undesired frame doesnt exist any more, its been oblitearted

    but only relativistically of course

    whats the point of wanting to live in a higher frame when there are infinite frames higher and infinite lower and whatever frame youare at however low you have eternity in your hands?


    now its kind of hard to accept that we all be death in two minutes of +2 frame but does it really matter if for you those two minutes are gonna be etrnity

    now is not gonna be difficult to see when the time comes and the stalin type starts sending people to frame -2
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