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Thread: Is this war real or imagined?

  1. #1 Is this war real or imagined? 
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    I think a holy war of sorts may be going on in secret today. I became suspicious of this after reading some highly questionable things online called voice to skull mind control and neighborhood harassment. I do not know who is fighting who but I believe they must settle on a compromise that ends the possible deadly mind warfare. To begin with god is just a name we give to a being that leads in the right direction such as the truth, peace, or justice. We only have to realize we are all after the same things to end the holy war. We must establish and follow good sensible principals and accept and resist our evil natures. Evil is simply a disease that must be treated without destroying the person. Perhaps we should choose an arbitrator for our problems. Judea is a good start because they know about the holy war. We do not want to end up with an antichrist and an army of false prophets but rather just a peaceful world. This is scary stuff none the less that I have yet to correctly understand. Maybe this is all just nonsense. Please comment nicely if I am feeding you garbage by accident!

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    You have asked that I respond nicely if you are feeding us garbage.

    I would like to welcome you to the forum and apologise for the lateness of the welcome. I hope you are well and personally happy.

    May I recommend the Brandenburg concertos as an outstanding example of formal music. If you have not already listened to them you have a delightful treat in store.

    May I also recommend standing in a desert at sunset to drink in the incredible sights and sounds. Standing in a rainforest during a tropical storm is also an experience that should be relived many times.

    I hope you will feel this to be a nice response. I've certainly done my best, since I believe that such a monumental pile of garbage merits a really nice reply.

    yours affectionately,

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    I'm going to vote "imagined".
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    Quote Originally Posted by kojax
    I'm going to vote "imagined".
    Wherein "imagined" is a euphemism for "surreal delusion".
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