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    After studying psychology at university for two years, I began to distrust its methodology. For instance, when you attempt to conduct research (which really meant finding other people's experiments) it is extrodinarly rare to find experimements that first recreate the results of some one elses experiment before proceding to conducting theirs. In addition, the majority of studies that I've come across are posthoc in nature, and boil down to statistical analyses--never establishing causal relationships, which require genuine experiments, and honest reproductions of those experiments, to establish. Of course, this is not true for the entire body of psychology; some branches of psychology are more experimental than others, such as cognitive psychology. However, cognitive psychology is again plagued by the problem that I mentioned above. So, it seems that psychology follows many parts of the scientific method, at least at times, but neglects some of the more important components, such as reproduction. Anyways, what do you think of psychology's status as a 'science'.

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    I have never seriously studied psychology because I've always had sort of the same impression. The cursory psychology classes I have taken seemed closer to philosophy than what I would consider a real science. Though I do again remind that I am a layman.

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