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    What "Blackholes" (as they are called here) are is (verb play) true physical remnants of the original mass (which is rebuilding itself).
    I love watching your television. It is so informational and funny at the same time.
    String theory. Ha! Only a plummer would come up with such a far fetched notion.
    Allow me to explain it at his level.
    What happens to a drop of water when it falls into a pond? The pond's mass increases.
    Be it a drop or a bucket its mass increases. The plain and simple explanation.
    The gravity of what you term to be a blackhole (elsewhere what is know as original matter) is so intense all matter is absorbed.
    This gravity also has another universal phenomena. Debris from the most recent expansion (Big Bang lol) gets trapped in a spiral decending orbit. As this debris nears a star or blackhole it accelerates large masses of debris create a whirlpool like effect similar to your tornado.
    Elementary school galactic science people (no strings attached and no interdimensional waste disposal either Steve). You guys read too much Einstein.

    Meditation is the key!
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