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Thread: Anti-Gravity Technology: Nikolas Tesla & John Hutchison

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    Anti-Gravity Technology is Real, Thanks to Nikolas Tesla & John Hutchison.

    John Hutchison & The Hutchison Effect (Documentary | 68mins):


    John Hutchison has submitted a sworn affidavit for the courts, which in effect means that if he is lying, he could potentially go to prison.

    see the official affadavit here (I got it from his website):

    See more at:

    Supplementary videos:

    Boyd Bushman, a Senior Scientist of Lockheed Martin, on The Hutchison Effect:

    Boyd Bushman, a Senior Scientist of Lockheed Martin, on Anti-Gravity Technology:

    Colonel Tom Bearden on Military Energy Weapon Technology (1985) similar to The Hutchison Effect:

    Directed Energy Weapon Technology was used on 9/11:


    Letter from the U.S. Army reminding Mr. Hutchison that the information regarding The Hutchison Effect is 'Classified':

    Letter from Electric Spacecraft Journal of Research containing information that was submitted to NASA for use in improving anti-gravity spacecraft propulsion technologies:

    Document from The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, discussing possible theories behind how The Hutchison Effect is generated, and all sorts of other relevant information, including a time line of relevant events concerning John Hutchison and The Hutchison Effect:

    here is a picture of a document from Nuclear Physicist, Dr. Robert Koontz Ph.D, testifying to the validity of The Hutchison Effect:

    here is a document from the Canadian Department of National Defense, discussing some of their equipment that Mr. Hutchison has used to generate the effects:

    Here is a document discussing that some of Mr. Hutchison's research has been submitted to NASA

    Here is a letter to NASA briefly discussing The Hutchison Effect and its potential application for space exploration, and it also mentions that Mr. Hutchison's experiments have been successfully replicated by Toronto researcher George Hathaway:

    For more informative videos related to this topic, please see my YouTube channel:

    I don't expect anyone to be 100% convinced by this, but I think there has been enough information presented to at least show you that this most likely is not a hoax.

    I really think we are going to hear a lot more about John Hutchison over the next 10 years.


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    thats just crazy The only explanation that I can come up with for the levitation is that he is super chargind materiels so unlike charges repel but then there should also be lightning spurting everywhere but there isn't strange stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PookztA
    Letter from the U.S. Army reminding Mr. Hutchison that the information regarding The Hutchison Effect is 'Classified':
    Have you even read these documents? Do you realise that nowhere in these documents is there any statement to the effec that the Hutchison Effect is classified. Are you deliberately lying, or do you simply have difficulties with English comprehension?

    I now suspect that each one of your links is spurious in some equally deceitful, or foolish way. At least have the honesty to admit that you screwed up on this one - the first and only one I have looked at.
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    Nikola Tesla... I wish he could have at least gotten the name right...
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