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    I would love to have a scholarly opinion on this particular approach to disease. Please read it as it gets technical and it sounds quite feasible to me. The brest cancer page is most fascinating as well if you care to look at it for an opinion.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Excerpts from Summary Of The New Medicine
    By Dr. R. G. Hamer

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    I have removed a very large chunk of text from your post as it seems to have been reproduced from another website. Unless you have the persmission of the website owner or author to reproduce that material, it's probably not legal (or at least not moral) to copy that much text, even if it is publicly posted.

    I'm also moving this to pseudoscience, as Dr Hamer's work has a very poor basis in evidence, and to date he has not published so much as a peer-reviewed case study, let alone the large scale trials that every other medical technique must follow. His work is generally viewed by biologists and medics as unfounded or even dangerous. So much so that following Hamer's methods is punishable by malpractice in the EU.

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