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    considering the universe at a fixed point in time:

    at the very NEXT point in time we will place an object somewhere in the universe... but we're not there yet, we're just thinking about WHERE the object might go.

    how many positions in the universe could it potentially occupy?


    q2,3,4,5,6. (sry.)

    can a natural number set describe a natural number higher than itself as an integer?

    can we assign a real value to the higher number if we aren't yet able to describe it as an integer?

    if not, then what value can we assign to the 'implied' natural number?

    if we wait for the higher natural number to become possible, what then becomes of the value that we assigned to it before?

    have we implied a change in that value?


    it would be nice if someone could try and help me understand.


    number is the fundamental building block of the universe...


    Universe/Time = 1/(∞-1)

    where T is the cardinal of U, and ∞ is an implied future potential value of >1

    note: this is a testable hypothesis: the equation works. it works. god damn but it works... LINKY
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