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Thread: temperature concept and other modern science absurdities….

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    Molecular kinetic theory, temperature concept and other modern science absurdities….

    It is considered that kinetic theory of gases lays to the foundation of modern thermodynamic and to the temperature concept as well.
    But are the foundation of kinetic molecular theory so firmly established and the concept of temperature is so clearly defined as actual theoreticians tends to believe?
    The link with a more extended discussion:

    As is presented, the actual thermodynamics is not able to explain few low level experiments able to be performed in every low level laboratory.
    In the book, kinetic theory of gases is ruled out and a new explanation for temperature concept is proposed.
    It is to be admired the perseverance of actual leaders in physics to follow a wrong and absurd approach of exact sciences (physics and chemistry). Probably they are thinking that having the decisional power they are the keeper of the truth in science. Soon they will discover another face of their own believing multidimensional reality……

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    Sorin Cosofret

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