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    The countdown to the end of the Mayan calendar on 12.21.2012 at 11 hours and 11 minutes GMT is going on at the present time.[1] Only three more years are left to know whether the Mayan predictions are correct or not. There are numerous hypotheses as to what is the probable cause for the anticipated cataclysm but there is no unanimity of opinions.

    Almost all ancient civilizations had a fixed number of epochs, cycles, suns, or ages that put an end to one area of world history and marked the beginning of a new one. All these cyclic periods were associated with universal catastrophes. The only duration of the epoch that survived from the remote past is that of the Maya. It is 5,125 years. However, the ancient Egyptians coded their cyclic epoch, “the usual interval”, in the Great Pyramid and it is 5,123 years.[2] Since the epoch of both the Maya and the Egyptians coincide, we should give serious consideration to this cycle and try to figure out what could be the most probable culprit that causes regular global destruction.

    There are at least three main possibilities:

    1. Crossing of the galactic equator by our Sun every 5,125 years
    2. Unknown solar body that orbits our Sun every 5,125 years.
    3. Bursts of energy from our galactic core every 5,125 years.

    In order for the Sun to cross the galactic plane every 5,125 years, it should oscillate above and below the equator at the same cycle. The Sun does not oscillate at this rate at all. Few weeks ago, I attended a lecture “Are We Stardust or Nuclear Waste” given by Dr Robin Catchpole in London, England.[3] I asked Dr Robin when our Sun crosses the galactic equator. His reply was as follows: “As the Sun orbits the centre of our galaxy on an elliptical orbit, with a period of about 220 million years, it also oscillates up and down, above and below, the plane of the galaxy about 2.7 times every orbital period. This means it cross the plane about 5 times per orbital period. It last crossed about 2 to 3 million years ago and is heading up above the plane so it will not cross again for another 37 million years.”[4]

    The second possibility could be a regular solar body that orbits our Sun every 5,125 years and creates massive destruction on our planet Earth. Such an unknown planet could be Nibiru, Planeteroid, or Planet X. Nibiru has an orbital revolution of 3,500 years. [5] Planeteroid has an orbital revolution of 7,000 years.[6] The only planet that may have an orbital revolution of 5,125 years is Planet X.[7] Since only three years are left for the anticipated cataclysm, astronomers should be able to locate this planet by now. This is not the case. If Planet X is approaching the Earth behind the Sun, its gravitational effects on the other solar planets should be evident. None of the solar planets are experiencing wobbling or deviation in their trajectories around the Sun.

    The last alternative seems to be the most probable cause for the culprit. Black holes release bursts of energy at regular intervals. This phenomenon is confirmed in the paper “black holes are the rhythm at the heart of galaxies” which reads as follows:[8]

    “The powerful black holes at the center of massive galaxies and galaxy clusters act as hearts to the systems. The black holes pump energy out at regular intervals to regulate the growth of the black holes themselves, as well as star formation, according to new data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Scientists from the University of Michigan, the Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and Jacobs University in Germany contributed to the results.”

    This phenomenon is expected because each galaxy acts as a very complex interconnected galactic electrical circuit. The core of the galaxy is a massive black hole with functions very similar to capacitors.[9] The black holes keep on charging as long as there is an electrical potential across them. However, they release the excess energy at regular intervals to maintain the overall potential of the galaxy and also to keep their stability and equilibrium. In short, a galaxy acts as a galactic energy pulsating circuit. The cycle of the energy release depends on the overall electrical potential of the galaxy and that of its black hole. The question that follows is: what is the cyclic period of the energy bursts in our galaxy?

    I always wondered why the Maya had 5 epochs of world history separated from each other by 5,125 years. The answer to this question could be as follows:

    The distance of our Sun from the galactic core is approximately 26,000 light-years. Let us assume that the galactic core gives bursts of energy every 5,125 years. Since the bursts travel at the speed of light, the distance between each burst is 5,125 light-years. Dividing 26,000 by 5,125 light-years gives 5 energy bursts or 5 epochs. The black hole, at the center of our galaxy, produces 5 bursts of energy waves before the first burst approaches our Sun. When the 5th energy wave arrives on 21.12.2012 (the end of the Mayan 5th epoch), this means 4 bursts have already traversed our Sun and 5 bursts are on their way including the new burst from our black hole.

    These energy bursts have tremendous power. They propagate throughout the body of a galaxy and end up in large plasma concentrations at its boundaries. They overheat our Sun causing it to produce huge flares. In turn, when our Earth receives the accumulative energy waves from the galactic core and those from the Sun, its atmosphere and molten magma will overheat. The results are global earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, heavy rain, floods, tsunamis, etc.

    How the ancients protected themselves from the effects of the cyclic global cataclysms? According to the Greek Mythology, the world seems to be inundated and burned alternatively in each consecutive epoch.[10] Assuming that this information is correct; we can thus conclude that the energy bursts from the galactic core alternate in their intensity. The powerful energy bursts cause inundation on our planet Earth while the weaker energy bursts produce global fires and they increase the overall temperature of our atmosphere. During the inundation period, the ancients protected themselves by means of arks. For example:

    1. The ark of Utnapishtim rested on Mount Nisir. [11]
    2. The ark of Manu rested on Mount Himavat .[12]
    3. The ark of Deucalion rested on Mount Parnassus. [13]
    4. The ark of Noah rested on Mount Ararat .[14]
    5. The ancient Egyptians had five ships “arks” buried around the base of the Great Pyramid to be used in case of floods.[15]

    However, during the global fires cycle, most probably the ancients used gigantic underground tunnels and cities to protect themselves from the excessive heat. Such constructions were discovered in South America, Europe, and Asia. For example:

    1. In the province of Morona-Santiago, Ecuador, a huge tunnel system was discovered situated between the towns of Gualaquize, San-Antonio, and Yaupi. ‘Its entrance is cut in rock and is quite wide. The ceiling is flat and the walls are nicely cut forming right angles with the ceiling and the floor. A passage in the tunnel leads to a huge, beautifully constructed hall. Other passages lead to different types of rooms. Ventilation shafts are constructed at regular intervals to provide adequate air circulation.’[16]

    2. On the mountain Huascaran, in Peru, a cave was discovered which leads to a 105 km long tunnel system. The entrance to the tunnel is closed by six slabs of large rock doors pivoted on stone balls, for easy maneuvering, and they lead to a very long tunnel system. The tunnels are constructed in an ingenious way; even their floor is covered with grooved stone slabs to prevent skidding.[17]

    3. The best known gigantic tunnel system was discovered in the land of the Incas. It runs from Cuzco to Lima, a distance of 600 km, and continues in a south-east direction to the Bolivian borders.[18]

    4. In Malta, there are mysterious underground tunnels. In 1902, workmen who were digging a well in Casal Paula discovered a carven that is connected with an entire complex of caves and tunnel system.[19]

    5. A ground-penetrating radar scan system was deployed over the Mayan pyramid complex in Tikal. A huge tunnel system was discovered which extended 800 km from Tikal to the borders of the country.[20]

    6. An ancient underground tunnel system was discovered under the town of Eger, Hungary. The subterranean system is 100 km long.[21]

    7. An ancient underground tunnel maze was discovered recently in Ireland.[22]

    8. Under the Shrine of Potala, a temple in Tibet, there is an ancient carven connected to a tunnel complex. It is believed that this tunnel system runs throughout the Asian continent.[23]

    9. Agharta is said to be a mysterious underground kingdom, located in Asia. It is linked to other parts of the continent by a gigantic network of underground tunnels.[24]

    10. There are many ancient subterranean cities in many parts of the world, such as: Rama city in Rama, India, Shonshe city in the Himalaya Mountains, Tibet, and Shingwa city in Mongolia, China.[25]

    11. An immense underground city was discovered at Derinkuyu, in the Cappadocia area of Turkey. The complex has 8 underground stories and a living space for at least 20,000 people.[26]

    12. The “City of the Gods” was discovered under the Giza plateau in Egypt after a ground-penetrating radar scan system mapped the area. It has been reported that the underground complex consists of carven, passageways, ancient chambers, subterranean river and waterways.[27]

    From the foregoing hypothesis, we can conclude the following:

    1. The probable culprit for the anticipated 2012 cataclysm is an energy burst from the core of our energy pulsating galaxy.

    2. Most probably the energy bursts from our galactic core occur every 5,125 years. The reason for this conclusion is based on the fact that the Maya had 5 epochs. If the period of the bursts is not every 5,125 years, then the Maya should have had a different number of epochs.

    3. Logic dictates that any existing intelligent life in our galaxy with advanced galactic travel capabilities should exist beyond our Sun and as far as possible from the galactic core.


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    Did any ancient civilization mention the regular bursts of energy from our pulsating black hole?

    It seems the only reference that may refer to these bursts is found in Timaeus, by Plato. It reads as follows (

    “The fact is, that wherever the extremity of winter frost or of summer does not prevent, mankind exist, sometimes in greater, sometimes in lesser numbers. And whatever happened either in your country or in ours, or in any other region of which we are informed-if there were any actions noble or great or in any other way remarkable, they have all been written down by us of old, and are preserved in our temples. Whereas just when you and other nations are beginning to be provided with letters and the other requisites of civilized life, after the usual interval, the stream from heaven, like a pestilence, comes pouring down, and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education; and so you have to begin all over again like children, and know nothing of what happened in ancient times, either among us or among yourselves. As for those genealogies of yours which you just now recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children.”

    What could be the explanation of the statement of the Egyptian priest: “after the usual interval, the stream from heavens, like pestilence, comes pouring down” and causes a universal cataclysm. The definition of the following words is:

    Stream: A continuous flow of liquid, gas, loose particles, plasma, gamma rays, etc.

    Heavens: the space surrounding the earth, deep space or where the stars are located.

    Pour: To send liquid, gas, loose particles, plasma, gamma rays in one direction.

    The possible meaning of the priest’s statement could be:

    After the usual interval [of 5123 years], a continuous flow of cosmic gas, loose particles, plasma, and gamma rays are received by earth from deep space [our pulsating black hole] causing a universal cataclysm.

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    Abandon this Mayan nonsense and give thought to the Taurids.
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