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Thread: To would you do if you were editor of reality.

  1. #1 To would you do if you were editor of reality. 
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    Editor reality - is a technical device allows you to edit any physical characteristics of the real world and allows you to create new worlds. R is a free survey. At the present time to establish this technical device is impossible because of technological development.

    For information:

    Vesilionning programming - is the science which studies the laws of physics programming techniques, editing techniques and methods for creating worlds of worlds.

    At the heart of creating worlds, using the device, the Executive (the editor of reality), which provides translation software commands in deplikatny form L-nivata. With the device of the Executive can exercise the creation of their worlds and to exercise full control over them at the program level. Similarly, you can create groups of their worlds and combine them into a single system.
    Mass production of the worlds, allows linelogicheskim individuals already have ready to create worlds that they can customize on your own. It is much easier programmatic activities, as loading deplikatnyh parameters method disokaratsii much less effective, but this process can be standardized. But if linelogichesky individual wants to create a world without a template, it has that right.

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    You're talking about a program that simulates rewriting the laws of physics? That would be an interesting endeavor. Have any interesting discoveries come out of it yet?

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    oh come on i do that all the time when painting
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