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Thread: which side would you rather be in this relativistic event?

  1. #1 which side would you rather be in this relativistic event? 
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    hell is an sphere universe of 1 m radius as is heaven

    due to certain disagreements they agree on heaven obliterating hell from existance within one second of heaven time and hell on freezing heaven in time not letting them live more than one second while on hell goes ethernity

    how they do it?

    on the quantum entangled attack both concentrate on reducing the walls sphere of hells universe at a constant speed from heaven universe time of 1 m/s

    in other words at heavens time hells 1 m sphere walls move towards inside at 1 m/s so in one second of heaven hell will no longer exist

    why do i insist so much on hell and heaven times?:

    cause if one universe is double big than the other relativity will grant that its time will pass half as fast

    so the instant agreed attack and counterattack start simultaneously what happens here:

    from heavens perspective hell is obliterated in 1 second of their time

    from hells perspective heaven slows down more and more, stimations say they will live just one second of live as eternity goes by in hell

    who wins here?

    what side would you rather be?

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    another pseudoscience candidate!

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