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Thread: Gas tube discharge, charge movement and absurdities of moder

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    Gas tube discharge, charge movement and absurdities of modern physics

    A new link related to electric charge movement and gas tube discharge is finalized at:

    The topic takes into discussion some simple cut off experiments using a Van der Graff device and some gas tubes. Further the actual mechanism of charge production inside a gas tube is analyzed.
    Maybe someone is able to solve the next conundrum:
    How is possible to have for mercury a line emission in UV with a excitation of 4,9 eV, and for example in case of neon a line in visible with a excitation of more then 18 eV ?
    Maybe after actual theoreticians, it is possible for an excitation of 1 eV to produce an X-ray photon?

    Albert Einstein paraphrase:
    The most beautiful experience we can have is the stupidity. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of modern science.
    The problem is to have enough supporters, eventually in key positions to promote the stupidity, and the success is guaranteed.
    This is, in short, the history of modern science .

    Sorin Cosofret

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    Here is some free advice. If you want to convince people of an idea that runs contrary to modern physics, don't begin by mocking modern physics. Applaud modern physics. Praise modern physicits. Express wonder and amazement at how far physics has adavanced. Then and only then humbly suggest that you have stumbled on an apparent ambiguity that seems to fly in the face of conventional wisdom. You would welcome the insights and observations of those more knowledgeable than yourself.

    With that approach your idea will at least get a hearing. You may even learn something.

    On the other hand if you just wish to act like an arrogant, ignorant spoilt child with less graps of physics than a dyslexic armadillo then don't change a thing in your opening post.

    The above advice is offered pro bono out of a desire to serve the greater community of scientists.

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