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Thread: Moderator Never Tried Breathing Helium

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    Moderator, you overlooked the forum member Fizzlooney and his error in the thread you just locked.

    Fizzlooney is so anxious to stop a calm discussion of helium, that he is just claiming lies as truth. Many submarines have used helium atmospheres at increased pressures upon the human body.
    For some reason your lack of actually experimenting with it and having no proof, has lead you to tell others a lie.

    It does not just displace oxygen. It causes hyperventilation. Violent hyperventilation.
    If you have never experienced hyperventilation you should try it. Then try helium. The only way to do away with some of the effect of the hyperventilation is to hold your breath and let carbon dioxide and other gases build up in the helium. Then you can continue to breath the helium for a long time. A long time.

    So if you find that without real knowledge you must lock my threads I cannot stop you. But let it be known you may be killing someone somewhere with lies. And disgracing the forum. With no actual proof.

    I did this, I am sure. It is up to you now, to try what I said, or block knowledge with ignorance.


    William McCormick



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    My decision had nothing to do with Fizzlooney, I made the decision entirely on my own. I highly doubt anyone but you will see locking these threads as a disgrace to the forum.

    "There is a kind of lazy pleasure in useless and out-of-the-way erudition." -Jorge Luis Borges

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