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    I was reading the other thread about Zero. And I realized that zero had a few more aspects to it then I had ever thought of.

    In a way zero and below is conceptual in most cases. If you owe ten dollars, you cannot see the ten dollars of debt, or count the dollars of debt. Probably explains why we don't pay it back. Ha-ha.

    You cannot see or count zero dollars you owe.

    You cannot see or count what is in a hole with nothing in it. You can only see the dirt on the side and bottom of the hole.

    To judge a hole in the ground made of dirt, you need the solid edges created by the soil bordering the hole to create the hole. You need the top of the hole or the surface around the hole to create the hole. Or it is totally imagined and not real.

    In order to owe money on a loan, you need the positive loan, as the basis of owing money. The debt is really just a reflection of the loan, for lack of a better term.

    The debt is the reflection of the loan, in another dimension.


    William McCormick

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