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Thread: The Pseudoscience FAQ

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    Welcome to the Pseudoscience sub forum at

    The purpose of this sub forum is to provide a home for “science-like” discussion that relies heavily on non-scientific themes. Typically, threads in this sub forum have been moved from other sub forums. Try not to take offence, but instead take this as an opportunity to either continue your conversation or to learn how turn pseudoscience into science.

    Before you post here, keep in mind the forum guidelines. This sub-forum allows you rather more latitude in terms of the topics you can discuss and how far you can derail a thread. However, you are expected to conduct yourself in line with these guidelines.

    Below is a set of frequently asked questions which I'll update with suggestions you can send to me by PM.



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    Frequently-asked questions

    Why was my thread moved here?

    Here are some suggested reasons why your thread may have been moved to this forum:
    1. Your ideas do not have any implications that can be tested by others
    2. Your ideas rely on assumptions that cannot be tested by others
    3. You are promoting an hypothesis or theory which has been widely discredited
    4. You have invoked a supernatural explanation for something
    5. You’ve made an unwarranted logical leap somewhere
    6. You are refusing to engage with other user's questions or criticisms regarding a new or controversial idea

    How do I refine my ideas so that I can post them in a science forum?

    Firstly, all new scientific ideas should be posted in the New Hypotheses and Ideas sub forum. Secondly, there'll be a general introduction to the scientific method posted here shortly. Understand the scientific method and you'll be that bit closer to having your ideas discussed on a science sub forum.

    Edit 14 December 2009: updated suggested reasons.


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