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    I came across this tidbit of news on MSNBC. It talks about how these researchers have reproduced images of things people were looking at by analyzing brain scans, opening the way for people to communicate directly from their mind.
    This could open doors for those who have no communication challenged, mentally challenged (insane) and look into a person's dream to give insight as to what is going on in their heads.I have always wished it would be cool to watch my dreams from that night. I dream in color, and it's like watching a movie. Did you know that Stephen King gets ideas for his books from his dreams/nightmares? Think of using it as a tool to put exactly what you see in your dream into an application to create a film.
    We could also use it in crime cases. Those who are witnesses could use it to show what the criminal looks like, or to tell if someone is actually telling the truth (see images of them killing someone in their mind/memories.
    We can see what kind of traumatic experience a person has had in order to help them better and to understand.
    Here is the link:

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