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Thread: Why The Sun Mysteriously Loses The Bottom Half At Sunset.

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    All RET have difficulty in understanding Truth. They believe the Sun on a Flat Earth would constantly shine everywhere on Earth. ďObviously it doesnít!Ē And yet it remains Flat. Allow me to magnify the myopic thinking of these intellectually challenged people. RET believe that the link above is the actual size of the Flat Earth, "ITS NOT!" How this escapes them is beyond me, the map is ONLY and illustration to understand the physical laws that have been observed on the Flat Earth, they be applied and accepted as Absolute Truth.

    a) RET are perplexed because they would rather have you believe that the Sun on the Flat Earth would always be seen. A given that their vision has no limits, ďno-one in the science community wears glasses, lol!Ē No folks our eyes have limited vision, we can only see so far, this is why we ALL see a Horizon. The Horizon are the limits of our field of vision and not the curvature of the Earth. You would know this to be true if you flew a plane over those Horizontal ďlimitsĒ of your vision that the Earth continues over the Horizon and it continues to be Flat.

    b) When the Sun rises it crosses over the limits of your vision (Horizon) and comes into your field of vision in proportion to the Horizon. Meaning, if something the size of a baseball crossed your Horizontal limitís the size of the ball is insignificant to the Horizon around it and therefore you would only see the ball if it got closer to where your standing. Now the Sun on the other hand is a lot bigger then the baseball but not as big as the science lies that were taught to you. The Sun is the same size as the Moon. When the tip of the Sun crosses into your field of vision you then begin to see everything within (inside) those limits including the tip of the Sun. This is why we see the Sun from tip to bottom when rising, and it disappears the same way at setting when the bottom mysteriously disappears into the "outside" of your field of vision (Horizon) and therefore no longer in your sight (limited), because you can't see nothing else over the Horizon, including the Sun.

    c) RET will say, ďeven if you canít see the Sun, the light of the Sun surely would illuminate the Flat Earth?Ē The light my brothers and sisters, the light, the one who possesses the light possesses the Truth. The Sunís light has his limits too, and you know it does because at dawn just before the Sun rises the light reaches you before you see the Sun because the light has crossed over the Horizontal limits of your field of vision. And in the light lay the heat and therewith at Sunrise the limits of the Sunís light are hitting you but the heat is lukewarm because these are the very limits of the Sunís light. When the Sun is crossing the midday sky it is right above and closest to you and therefore HOT, but at Sunset again the Sun begins to take distance from you and the limits of the Sunís light are again felt lukewarm.

    d) When GOD created the Flat Earth the LORD made it that the Sun travels six circles round and round the Flat Earth, and when we in North America experience spring & summer the Sun is riding the 3 smallest of the circles meaning closest to the center of the Flat Earth which is the Magnetic Pole (Abyss) or the Arctic circle. The LORD made it that during these 3 of the smallest circles the Arctic circle would receive only light (6 months) and because the Great Architectís measurements are so precise GOD measured sure that the Arctic circle received only the limits of the Sunís light (lukewarm) thereby not melting the Ice Cap therewith the Sunís light.

    6 circles, 6 months of light (Abyss), Adamís creation 6th day.

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