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Thread: [SPACE-STATION] Why Pictures Of Earth Never Show Stars.

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    Q: Why do Stars never appear on picture taken of Earth by the Space-Station?
    A: Stars don't appear because they’re not there prior to the Sun's arrival.

    2Enoch: Chapter 11

    [1]Those Men took Me, and led Me up on to the fourth Heaven, and showed Me all the successive goings, and all the rays of the light of Sun and Moon.


    [4]Its passage and return are accompanied by four great Stars, and each Star has under it a thousand Stars, to the right of the Sun’s wheel, and by four to the left, each having under it a thousand Stars, altogether eight thousand, issuing with the Sun continually.

    The Space-Station take photos before the Sun crosses over the Flat Earth, it does so as to not photograph the Stars, eight thousand Stars are a lot, but they can still be counted, you'll note that after the Sun has crosses your own skies you can sometimes, if you really look carefully, you can see the first of the Stars.

    Real photo of Space-Station over Earth, note the Space-Station hovering over the Earth as you expand the picture the Earth's flatness recedes into the Horizon as though there is more Earth afterwards.

    This is the money shot, expand the picture (Real) and view the extremities of the Earth, you will note here too the Horizon is seen, but from this angle up, high above grounds a Horizon cannot be seen on a sphere, the only visual would be land / the curve of its slope / darkness.

    You see folks, an Horizon is only possible to be seen from the ground.

    The explanation link.

    All pictures of the Earth in a globe configuration are computer generated for the Truth would be known otherwise.
    Look at these beauties, on the first link bring your attention to the bottom picture where the Florida peninsula is shown, note the ends of what NASA attempts to round off from the Flat Earth and compare it with the second link where the peninsula is on the computer generated globe.


    The size of Florida on the first link (real) taken from the Space-Station is so huge that fitting the rest of North America would encompass half of the Earth's globe, no, the photo (real) is cropped made to look round, this is why they take the pictures before the Sun crosses over the Earth (no Stars), hence, when cropping there would remain no indication of tampering or they could never have taken so many photos at different angles for the Stars would betray them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newcastle
    Q: Why do Stars never appear on picture taken of Earth by the Space-Station?
    A: Stars don't appear because they’re not there prior to the Sun's arrival.
    Wrong answer. It's the dynamic range of brightnesses. The Earth is much brighter than any of the stars. In order to get a useful picture of the Earth, the sensitivity of the camera must be reduced greatly.

    Another example: Try to image the stars and the Moon at the same time. In order to get a good picture of the Moon, you only need a very short exposure (1/250 s is enough). But this much to little to get the stars.

    Another point: There are cameras looking into space all the time, like the HST or other space telescopes. They shoot pictures of stars every second of a day.

    So, what's your point? What are you trying to say?

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    make life simpler for us all. Post your nonsense directly into pseudoscience. If you persist in polluting the formal threads with crap I shall likely just delete them.
    Thank you in advance.
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