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Thread: Inside the atom is another universe.

  1. #1 Inside the atom is another universe. 
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    That would be funny, wouldnt it. It will be lots of universes then.
    What if it is like that, just for the fun of talking about it. As a hypotesis.
    Lets say that it will never end, and that inside the atom is another universe with same atoms. And it was infinitly like that and never ended. Same way ofcourse with our universe. That we are inside an atom. And it goes on infinitly that way too.

    What conclusion can we draw from it, if it worked like that.

    Please only try to be serious. And no bashing, and only keep to the question in the tread.

    For all we know it can be like that.

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    That's about how I see it. A steady state, infinite universe has no fixed reference points. Therefore the infinite extends both ways. We do better thinking in terms of "scale" than unit measure of size.

    If you think this diminishing scale infinite and roughly following the known trend, something even funnier happens that behaves like gravity.

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