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Thread: A Perfectly Honest Politician

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    Is this even concievable?

    I've always thought that if there were one politician who only spoke truth and never lied (unless absolutely necessary, thus forgivable) he would ultimately win and become president. Is there any politician in history who has tried honesty as a tactic?

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    As a die hard, Constitutional/Conservative generally Republican, this is going to be hard for me....

    Very, very few people that enter politics, do in fact intentionally lie. You said "absolutely necessary, thus forgivable" which is your own answer.
    In order to gain office most, can express their personal opinion, which in fact would never get that person into office. The idea of accomplishment is based on being elected, which must include patronizing those blocks which will vote or do vote there party affiliation.. Best explained on an example of each major party.

    Democrats, cater in general to Big Government, poor and minorities; They however are intelligent and understand people create their own destiny in life, just as they do. To give a speech, indicating that this were true and suggest they are capable, IN THIS COUNTRY to achieve anything that any other person has, many times with less than the audience members have, would lead to certain defeat.

    Republicans, cater in general to small (less) government, less dependency on that government. To give a speech today, saying they would disband just two or three major departments, which every republican wants, would incur the wrath of those that depend on those particular departments and with a 50-50 make up of party affiliation, would mean certain defeat.

    Populist, which was one time a real party and a system many individuals in all parties have imitated, literally mimicked public feeling at the time, on all issues. This and other reasons, are why as a society we do not condemn or enforce whats said by politicians, once elected. A very rare recall is made on the local level, but in the business world or in society, you are held to what you say, prior to employment, getting a drivers license or anything else.

    Just noticed Norway, my rant for US but suppose not much different there..

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