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Thread: UK 2022 Elections : Conservatives lose almost 500 seats - Sinn Féin wins most seats in NI !

  1. #1 UK 2022 Elections : Conservatives lose almost 500 seats - Sinn Féin wins most seats in NI ! 
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    Seems to be a shake up to some extent.

    Not familiar with UK politics. Do these results really mean anything?

    "Elections 2022: Conservatives not complacent after losses, says Nadhim Zahawi"

    "NI election results 2022: Sinn Féin wins most seats in historic election"

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    It means that Great Britain and NI (the UK) is now more likely to become Little Britain.

    NI poliitcs is now in the hands of the political wing of the IRA (Sinn Fein).

    Scottish politics is controlled by the SNP who are a populist party. They are not right, left or centre. They claim to represent all of Scotland.
    There will be no balance between right and left either side of the centre ground.

    In NI there is likely to increased tension between Unionists and Republicans, potentially reigniting the Troubles.
    In Scotland and England there is bound to be tension either side of the shared border.
    As one SNP leader said 'If we don't get our own way there will be repercussions."

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