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Thread: The untold story of WDC

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    Remember that everything that happens on the planet is allowed by WDC.

    1. All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception and the Spirit of I.F. Stone in Youtube.

    2. The role of United States is ONLY the technological development of planet.

    3. The media brainwashes the American people.

    4. Washington D.C. will be the last Empire on Earth because that's how Jesus, the Christ, wants it (interests of an empire versus a better world).

    5. America is an illusion. 20% of Americans have money, 80% have debt and stress. The tax belongs to the people, so it must go back to the people as benefits: housing at a low price, food at a low price, public schools and public universities (with quality) and public hospitals (with quality). Washington D.C. prefers to burn taxes with NASA and the military (to dominate the planet).

    6. The only big mistake of Washington D.C. was killing civilians (Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, etc.).

    7. The terrorist attacks of September 11 were a consequence of aggressive American foreign policy.

    8. The Ronald Reagan's administration destroyed Central America for this reason there are migrations and drug trafficking from this region to United States.

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    "Remember that everything that happens on the planet is allowed by WDC."

    I was working on my washing machine and I lost a screw, so are you saying that was WDC's fault? I don't think that's possible. Besides, I thought god was controlling everything.

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    There seems to be an excess of "THE"s in that post, are they related to Starfire from Teen Titans Go?
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    Judging by the OP Bufofrog's not the only one that's lost a screw (or three...).
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