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Thread: Trump incitement to riot

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    Since the Senate is unlikely to convict Trump on the current impeachment, wouldn't there be a simple alternative? Incitement to riot is an ordinary crime. Shouldn't the D.C. police arrest him for this?

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    Have heard that suggested but am unclear as to whether it is possible.

    I have also heard that some kind of a motion of censure is being considered for the Senate and that it would require a 60% majority which is easier than the 67% for impeachment.

    Apparently this could also debar him from public office.

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    been absent...............the insurrection was shocking in more ways than one....... a "President" ........incited it, and he still is not in jail. TO me this is a huge insult to our founding fathers and ALL of US the PEOPLE of the USA, whose "House" i.e. the Capitol was invaded with violence intended and incited by the CHEETO of the USA.
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