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Thread: Political bipartisanism, Which side is correct?

  1. #1 Political bipartisanism, Which side is correct? 
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    Seems to be, people have a closed opinion about you based on a few sentences. They will either totally shun you or accept everything you say afterwards.

    All this is with the murder of George Floyd in mind.

    If i say, Yay, Trump, half of you will log off, and treat me like a moron. If i say Yay Biden, the same will happen, but to other people.

    Celebrities say their opinions (all the same, and predictable, weak opinions that go with the mainstream media) and think it is somehow brave.

    I hate police brutality, like everyone else (99%<), and i like equality, like everyone else (99%<). Yet something happens when you talk about a plan on how to do it.

    One side says, "Save the blacks", pay reparations, and do preferential hiring for black people due to systemic racism. And to make black safe spaces, black only spaces etc.

    And one other side says, that skin color shouldn't matter. Any measurable amount of racism should be punished, and people should be given equal opportunities, not expect equal outcomes.

    What is the better choice? Pandering to feelings of unprovable injustices, or raw and brutal equality? What would help the most people?

    Growing up, i marveled at star-trek's science, and ignored the perfect society. Now, i try to ignore their science, and marvel at the society.

    Imagine, being able to create matter out of thin air, and not coming up with using drones for boarding hostile ships. Or using drones to defend your own ship. Heck, using drones to block energy attacks, counterattack or for surveillance. Unless, of course, they are nano-machines in your blood, which is a billion times more complex..
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    Your post seems to be trying very hard to equate marching against police brutality to the police brutality itself.

    I don't think BLM marches are the flip side of the same coin as police shooting unarmed black men. In fact, I don't even think I know what the "radical left" is or what danger to our society it apparently poses.

    "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -Calvin
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