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    Jersey, Guernsey, and Isle of Man are under the British crown, but independent of the UK. What is the effect of Brexit on them? Side note - apparently it was necessary to work out a post Brexit arrangement with Spain about Gibraltar.

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    The Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey being Crown Dependencies, makes their situation slightly different than Gibraltar which is an Overseas Territory.

    In practice, whilst the effects of Brexit are still likely to seriously impact Gibraltar, especially vis--vis the Spanish situation, they have far greater autonomy in handling the situation. For example unlike Crown Dependencies, Gibraltar has control of its own immigration policy, including the issue of Gibraltarian passports. Whilst the UK is really only responsible for defence and foreign policy. Though whilst self governing for the most part, currently, the UK Government is trying to exert influence to prevent Gibraltar joining the Schengen Area, as this would allow EU citizens the same travel rights as Gibraltarians & British citizens, which the Brexiteers in government appear to find objectionable.

    The bigger problem & impact for the 3 Crown Dependencies, is that they were never actually part of the EU, but rather separate entities with an EU relationship premised heavily on that of the UK. Thus are pretty much at the mercy of whatever the UK Government decides with regard to a new relationship with our European neighbours.

    Major issues for them are likely to be the import & export of goods, which as islands they rely on heavily, tourism which is a major source of income and the EU's response to their tax haven status, which will no doubt come under deep scrutiny in the coming months especially with regard to money arriving from European sources.

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