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    Living in the UK I did not know all that much about Fox News.
    Recently, I have begun watching CNN (available here on Freesat) and I now understand the hostility, I now feel myself, toward Fox News.
    Of course, I am aware CNN put forward their own world view, but they do show clips from Fox News.
    Particularly upsetting is what appears to be their almost unconditional support for "the Donald".
    I am deeply ashamed of the fact this individual has a Scottish mother.

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    More and more the fox news outlets have become the spokesmen for the Donald, and though to a lesser extent due to the rift between the don and the party, a mouthpiece for the republican party. CNN gets a huge amount of crap from fox because its actually one of the most middle of the road semineutal politics channels in the USA. the Democratic, but much less corrupt feeling opposite of fox is MSNBC.

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