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Thread: The Remaking of Federal Courts under Trump

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    One of the many long-ranging and fundamental changes being drowned out by the daily "Reality-TV" chaff & noise generated by this administration, is the radical remaking of the federal courts.

    When Obama took office, there were 53 open judicial appointments. By blocking Obama's appointees, refusing to hold hearings, and delaying votes, the Senate Republicans managed to have more than twice that number, 112 bench vacancies, open for Trump to fill.

    They have been filling them as fast as possible (68 confirmed so far, 73 more awaiting hearings), drawn entirely from Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society recommendations: and they are young, radically-conservative, white, male, and a good many of them rated "unqualified."

    And their lifetime appointments will last well beyond Trump's troubled presidency.

    During the campaign Trump took the unprecedented step of releasing a list of eleven SCOTUS candidates (drawn up by The Heritage Foundation) and saying he would be sticking with this list during his administration, should he be elected.

    However, it was reported on Rachel Maddow's show last night that after The Mueller probe was launched, a few other names were quietly added to the Heritage Foundation list, including Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh's "qualifications" are that he believes sitting presidents cannot be indicted, cannot be charged, and cannot even be investigated. He believes presidential power is absolute, and above the law.

    And when Justice Anthony Kennedy was blackmailed into retiring, Kavanaugh shot straight to the top of the list.

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