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    This is a topic about refugees given that it appears to be a serious issue for both the US, and here in Europe at the moment.

    Listed below is an idea for a solution to the refugee crisis here in Europe, for now, it is only being posted in outline form, as I'm still working on obtaining relevant information and completing the detail. I would be most greatful for any criticism, problems, issues, comments or thoughts on either my proposal or the topic in general that anyone wishes to make.

    Progressive European Approach to Resolving the Refugee Situation

    The Plan

    A plan for the European Union to take decisive action to solve the refugee crisis


    1. Plan Outline

    i. Consult Greece on purchasing uninhabited Island to become, Haven, a refugee city-state.
    ii. Provide Infrastructure contracts to build Haven for EU nations impacted by refugee crisis.
    iii. Put in place transport & resources for all refugees arriving at Haven.
    iv. Allow EU nations to provide homes & jobs for refugees at their own pace.
    v. Train refugees with skills required to fill vacancies in the EU labour market.
    vi. Give refugees a transition period to adapt to European culture before entering the EU.
    vii. Put in place a tax plan to allow Refugees moving to the EU to help fund Haven.
    viii. Allow any unauthorized refugees to be taken to new refugee city-state Haven.
    ix. Set up a democratic structure for allowing partial self-governance by residents of Haven.
    x. Create state laws in line with European values but allow refugees to make local laws.

    2. Aims & Objectives

    i. A reduction in the the number of unauthorised refugees entering the EU.
    ii. Create a mechanism to allow & authorise refugees to enter the EU without disruption.
    iii. Build a new city-state (Haven) to provide a home for all refugees wishing to enter the EU.
    iv. Consult EU residents before refugees are invited into their countries, cities or towns.

    3. Refugee Status

    i. Give all refugees a fair & equal chance to live & work in the EU after period of assessment.
    ii. Provide refugees with new legal status that allows them to work towards EU citizenship.
    iii. All Residents of Haven to be protected by European Human Rights.

    4. Humanitarian Concerns

    i. Refugees trying to cross into the EU to receive safe passage, food & medical attention.
    ii. Allow refugees the ability to apply to go to Haven without attempting to get into the EU.
    iii. Allow refugee families to be reunited at Haven.

    5. Political Implications

    i. Concerns over refugee assimilation addressed by sharing competencies at local level.
    ii. No quotas - individual countries are allowed to set the number of refugees they accept.
    iii. Refugees pre-assessed for suitability to adapt to local laws & culture.
    iv. Refugees trained with skills and ready to contribute to local economy.

    6. Financial Considerations

    i. Initial funding to be split between EU nations.
    ii. Island purchase to improve Greek national finances.
    iii. EU nations impacted by refugee crisis to benefit financially from building Haven.
    iv. Future funding to come from EU refugee tax & economic activity generated by Haven.

    7. Future Success of the PEARRS Plan

    i. Timescale, commitment & funding to determine ongoing success.
    ii. Creating a blueprint for resolving future refugee issues around the world.

    8. International Cooperation & Agreement

    i. Feasibility study.
    ii. Adoption by the European Union.

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    Plan outline, item number ten, "
    x Create state laws in line with European values but allow refugees to make local laws.
    " Since most of these so called refugees are Muslims they would want Sharia Law in their local laws, how is this in line with European values ? This whole thing that you have proposed is hopefully a non starter. Italy and Malta are getting really fed up with so called refugees, Greece is sick of them, people in Germany are pissed off with so called refugees and Merkel. These so called refugees should be bussed, shipped or flown home, we do not want them and all the problems that come with them.

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    Thank you for the feedback, Dave.

    Allowing residents some level of autonomy in choosing the laws by which they are governed is certainly an issue that needs very closely looking at and perhaps with even more scrutiny since you have pointed it out.

    What I think the real issue boils down to is finding a compromise that doesn't impinge too heavily on the religious freedom of expression with regard to the Sharia for those of the Islamic faith, but in a way which also manages to integrate & preserve the qualities which mark out an advanced modern legal system e.g. practicality, consistency, precedent, protections, rights, evidentiary standards, presumption of innocence etc..

    The way in which it peoples of different faiths are able to assimilate into European culture & indeed so many examples of people of the same faith being able to live under rules & laws that vary greatly from country to country inspires belief that there is a viable option.

    The way the refugee crisis is being handled at present isn't working very well for anybody, we don't have any kind of coordination and some countries are being expected to bear most of the impact, clearly, this cannot continue indefinitely. Under the ideal scenario, politicians would be working together to resolve the causes of the migration of refugees so that they can return to their homes in their own countries.

    Until this can be resolved the European Union does need a plan for coping with the crisis in an organised way that is actually sustainable.
    Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. - confucius
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