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    I remain convinced one reason why North Korea may still decide to attend talks, with the US, is because of the belief they are more likely to get a relatively good deal from Trump.
    This is because of Trump's narcissism given he has a high regard for his own talents, and a deep need for admiration!

    However, I am surprised by the suggestion (even on CNN) that discussions which might end with some limited success could lead to a united Korea. In an ideal world South Korea might want this but, at present, they realise, along with China, the number of refugees, from the North, would be massive as would be the costs of creating an efficient economy. up there.
    Of course, The North wants unity, but only on its own terms, and this would almost certainly lead to the same totalitarian mess in the united State.
    Anything else would lead to the end of the current Northern regime and regime survival is the number one aim of the North Korean elite.

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