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Thread: Mandela dec-10 memorial happening.

  1. #1 Mandela dec-10 memorial happening. 
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    So Mandela died 5th of december.

    ooooooh, all those greedy little political figures from all around the world grabbed it to show their support and pain and whatever.....

    So on the 10th there was the Mandela Memorial,... at which many horrible world leaders took part,... some wanted for bloody war crimes against humanity.


    I was very happy to see it rained that day.

    ... because it shows the deceit and trickery and stupidity mankind is totally able to do. I am an atheist, but atleast on this day the heavens opened and pored down the rain on the cowards losers, who had no right to be there.

    I am not a leader,... I am a citizen... I laughed at this show of bullshit today.

    Mandela was a great man. But he was to old once he got the power to make any workable lasting change. Atleast South-Africa did not go slaughter all the whites, like Zimbabwe's Mugabe did... who dared to show his hitler mustache at todays event, next to some Arabian wanted-for-murder leaders.


    Great that it rained most horribly and faul.

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    Why so angry?

    Sure some folks probably came forth and get a spot on the news and perhaps trying to impress others.

    On the other hand even scoundrels often recognize greatness to momentarily celebrate. The important thing is people are recognizing the laudable effects of Mandela who freed millions and become the iconic symbol for ending racial bigotry and oppression.

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