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Thread: Books and articles for paper on how corporations control governments.

  1. #1 Books and articles for paper on how corporations control governments. 
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    I'm studying finance and I'm kind of lost in political science so I need your help beacause I have to write a case study and I need some recomendations on books and articles on how corporations control governments.

    Thank you!

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    Companies that receive government work, like defense contractors, just pay back Congress by allocating money to the re-election campaigns or just wait until the Congressperson retires then hires them on to work with that company making huge incomes. The companies also have ways to give special outings for Congress to go on trips everywhere and pick up the tab as a business expense. There are many ways that Congress is manipulated by companies but I can't tell you what books have the lists as to how they do all of their bribing.

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