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Thread: Sunni Shia war

  1. #1 Sunni Shia war 
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    Sunni x Shia war:

    Anyone see this as a real possibility in the near future............
    See Iran as a player....revenge on Saudi for financing Saddam's war on Iran?

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    Of course, it's been going on for a thousand years--the last flare up include the tens of thousands who died in the Iraq Civil War during our US occupation, a decade before that the former Yughoslavian civil war. From time to time this would come up among Iraqi officers I'd talk to while I was living with them (Iraqi Army is of both factions). One thing that came through time and time again, is Riyadh Saudi Arabia, is probably much more of a likely target than Tel Aviv if Iran ever gets nuclear weapon technology. It will have a lot more to do with centuries of animosity than the Iran-Iraq war.

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    Reminds of Protestant vs. Catholic conflicts in Ireland. I guess sometimes we feel greater hatred toward things that are similar to us but falling short of identical, as opposed to things that are totally alien.
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    I think when you have countries like Bahrain where we've already seen riots and people disappear into police custody never to be heard from again it is going to have this undercurrent of tension and violence just waiting to surface and I think with the Arab spring we've already seen what the results may sometimes look like. Now if you factor in the fact that countries like Bahrain have a Shia unclass majority whilst being ruled by a minority Sunni overclass then you've got all the hallmarks for a split and conflict straight across the Shia / Sunni religious divide.
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    valid concerns

    But this war will not be of global level. I expect.
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