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    A good presentation of how the US got into its current anti-science stance about climate 'Climate of Doubt' Examines Politics vs. Climate Change | PBS NewsHour

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    The wonder of the intertubes allowed me to watch it last night as well. I thought he did a pretty good job.

    He didn't even drive the point home that the public anti-science moves were not a pushback against Gore's film. There were a couple more years of near bipartisanship before the hysteria seriously took hold, leading to the travesty of the GOP primaries. He just gave the events in their correct chronology and let viewers absorb the information without any coaching or urging.

    (Secretly I was hoping to get a look at that bloke from NC who posts a lot of climate/policy rubbish in a lot of places. His 'contribution' to the NC20 website on sea level rise was a classic in the lalalacan'thearyou genre. But he wasn't on.)

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