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Thread: United Front Against Austerity

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    FYI, A group is organizing to promote alternatives to what Corrupt politicians in the pocket of wall street have in store

    THE LAST DEFENSE • United Front Against Austerity-UFAA Founding Convention

    I m curious to see what strategies comes out of it.

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    I am all for lowering levels of borrowing but this austerity agenda is helping anyone and causing genuine hardship across Europe. The problem is governments cutting spendings are seeing their tax receipts slashed so are having to borrow more and then forced to make more spending cuts, it's just a vicious circle that's making the whole situation worse.

    The only real way out of the problem is for governments to stop playing politics and consentrate on a real solution to the problem. I would like them to print more money to pay down the debts without having to making spending cuts and to allow Eurozone countries to return to the own individual currencies. Until this happens the riots we've already seen in Athens and Madrid are just going to spread and get much much worse.

    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

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    Such is deflation. The whole economy is going that way. Workers/consumers have less money to spend, so prices go down, so their wages go down, so they have less money to spend.

    Printing money won't solve it. It's real deflation, not just fiscal deflation.

    Just got to look at where all the money is disappearing to. It's not going to stop disappearing to there. There's no amount we can print/generate/create that would exceed the rate at which it disappears into that black hole.
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