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    Free market capitalism provides fastest economic growth possible. However free market capitalism is "unfair", leads to extreme income inequality and destroys jobs through automation. Economic cycles produce unemployment which can lead to revolution, or destruction of capital by the democratic government to create demand for excess human supply (e.g. The Great Depression). If being poor and unemployed was a crime then revolutions/destruction of capital wouldn't happen. The first country to adopt free market fascism will experience huge economic growth because the bourgeoisie will be able to accumulate capital exponentially, and replace obsolete human workers with machines without any government intervention to protect the proletariat. In the end, such an economy will attain 90-95% of the world GDP. Everyone else will become mere natural resource exporters because keynesian/socialist/marxist economies won't be able to compete with free market fascism.

    Free market fascism comprises 3 social classes:
    The 1st class(fascists) consists of people who guard and regulate the system, and protect the capitalists from jealous proletarians (the artificially created middle class in the USA). If there are elections within this system, then only members of this class can vote. Though consulting the capitalist class is still possible. 1 to 10 million people are needed for this class. Tax revenue (approximately 10% of the GDP) from exploitation of capitalists is distributed more or less equally among members of the ruling class. They are the shareholders.
    2nd class("haves"): capitalists, entrepreneurs, investors, speculators, lenders, rentiers, etc. Up to 1 million people.
    3rd class("have-nots"): proletarians, including highly skilled workers, scientists and intellectuals. They are needed in the beginning, but most of them will eventually be replaced with machines and AI. Up to 100 million people.

    Japan and Germany have huge economies, yet relatively small territories (less than 400,000 km2). In free market fascism a large population won't be needed either. A territory of similar size can be created (sea platform/artificial island), or the population of a country that nobody cares about can be displaced (Somalia, Colombia, Uganda, etc.)

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    Free market fascism comprises 3 social classes
    Which place do you think thay will reserve personally for you in such a society,
    to clean toilets or as a professional dreamer?
    3rd class("have-nots"): proletarians, including highly skilled workers, scientists and intellectuals. They are needed in the beginning, but most of them will eventually be replaced with machines and AI.
    I`m very sceptical on A.I. Purely theoretically it`s very difficult for me to imaging some rudely technical device which would be able to compete with human in any of the seriuos aspects.And most of it in creativity.As humans are only one source of creativity and inspiration, reduction of educated population in size beyond practical will mean slowing of any development: scientifical, cultural, etc.

    The more advanced society is the better it develops under democracy.In feudal times a landlord didn`t require much of knowlege.In 21 century you need university degree for many positions.You can`t just transfer those positions to descendants.Because nobody guaranties they would be able to perform.

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